Maintaining your wrought iron fence is one of the toughest jobs. Whether your house is surrounded by a fence connected to the gate or a gate that joins your brick boundary, the workload is big enough for you to set aside an entire day for cleaning. 

The most important factor that you need to remember when doing a gate repair is “surface penetration”. Without it, rust starts to build up in the gate and the paint starts to flake. This is why it is necessary that you clean it thoroughly the first time so that you don’t have to worry about re-doing everything after a month. Proper cleanup and with the help of WD-40 multi-use lubricant, you don’t have to worry about rust for at least six months. 

Below listed are the tools you will need and some tips on how to remove rust from the gate:

Tools Required

  • Cordless Drill with a brush attachment
  • A cup-shaped brush
  • Rotary wire brush
  • Wire end brush (25 mm)
  • Sandpaper

Tip #1

Using Cordless Drill and Brush Attachments

Tip number one involves using the cordless drill and the brush attachments. A cordless drill will give you more freedom when moving around and the various brush sizes offer you the advantage of cleaning large and small areas fast.

Start with the cup shape brush and remove rust from the visible areas. Switch between the brushes to clean the hard-to-reach corners. Once the paint and rust are removed, spray WD-40 on the gate and wipe it with a cloth to remove dirt and any oil left behind by the paint. Spray WD-40 again and let it dry. Now apply a fresh coat of paint to give the gate an extra layer of protection.

Note: You might have heard a lot about using vinegar or baking soda for removing rust but in this case, these cleaning solutions will take a lot of time.

Tip #2

Using Sandpaper

The sandpaper is a quick way for gate repair. However, it takes a lot of time because you are doing the work all on your own. Use the sandpaper to even the gate’s surface. Now, give it a thorough rub down to remove the rust. After an hour or two of cleaning, you will see holes in the gate. Fill these gaps with metal filler and then proceed to the final sanding. Now, clean the gate with WD-40 and follow the same steps as mentioned above.


Often, peeling paint is the reason why rust gets room to settle in. You can either use classic metal paint or rust converter paint to protect the gate. Once the gate has been cleaned off all the rust, apply a thin coat of paint thinner and you will be able to see the remaining rust more clearly.

Using Metal Paint

First, coat the gate with a primer that inhibits rust. Make sure to cover the holes with the paint and primer. Use a toothbrush to thoroughly cover the holes and finally, spray a thick coat of enamel on top.


Don’t think that you can tackle this job on your own? Then, hire a sandblaster service. Though this method is quite easy, it’s not exactly cheap. Cleaning companies use special equipment to remove rust and make sure that the gate repair is done following the right steps. 

You can always apply WD-40 on your own as an extra layer of protection to make sure that the rust does not come back.

How to Take Care of Your Iron Fence

Below are some tips you can use to make sure that your gate remains rust-free for a long time:

Tip #1

Take Protective Measures

Elements such as humidity and rain can be harsh on a wrought gate. There are several things you can do about it:

  • Apply a coat of wax
  • Cover the gate with a trap when there’s a rainstorm
  • Apply a thin coat of protective sealant
  • Spray WD-40 on it after you have removed the rust

Tip #2

Paint the Gate

As mentioned earlier, paint provides an extra layer of protection. It acts as a barrier between air and iron. It minimizes oxidation and on the plus side, it makes the gate more attractive.

Tip #3

Clean the Gate 

If your gate is too big, then wash it with dish detergent and warm water. Use a toothbrush to scrub the gate and dry it with a piece of cloth. Afterward, spray a light coat of WD-40 to keep the moisture at bay.

Tip #4

Inspect the Gate Regularly

Peeling paint, rust, cracks, loose screws and open wires (in the case of electric lock on the gate) are the top six things you should keep your eye on. In the case of open wires, you can spray WD-40 in the box. It prevents sparks due to moisture and dries out the electrical system.

Tip #5

Fix Bent Sections

This might be a bit out of your repairing prowess but if you have a blowtorch, it can be done quite easily. Simply heat the section of the gate that is bent and hammer it back to its original place. 

Tip #6

Repair Rust Spots

Gate Repair – Remove Rust from Your Wrought Iron Fence

Need to do a speedy repair? Use steel wool to remove the rust, spray WD-40 to stop rust from spreading, and finally, touch it up with paint.

So, there you go, plenty of tips on how to remove rust from your gate and prevent it from spreading. For a gate repair, WD-40 is an essential lubricant, as it has many uses. Not only does it protect the metal from all outdoor elements, but it also penetrates the surface deeply and blocks rust from building up.