When it comes to riding a bike, the chain does most of the heavy lifting. It often goes through a fair amount of wear-and-tear as you ride your bike over time. If your chain is not lubricated well, it ages faster as compared to other components of the bike and causes problems to the rider by hampering the vehicle’s smooth functionality.

Faulty chains affect the overall functioning of your bike, taking away from the joy of riding. It is important for the riders to maintain the chains of their bikes on a regular basis to ensure consistent performance and prevent wear and tear.

If you are willing to look after the chains of your bike instead of getting your vehicle serviced at a heavy price, WD-40 helps you undertake seamless and easy chain maintenance within the comfort of your home. A single can of WD-40 helps you in cleaning your bike chains and restoring their quality for the well-being of your vehicle.

Here are some of the key steps involved in easy maintenance of your bike chains with the help of WD-40:

  1. Degreasing Your Bike Chain

Start by degreasing the chain of your bike. This will free it from all the dirt and grime accumulated on the surface. You can go ahead with using elbow grease for scrubbing all the dirt off your bike with the help of a brush and some soapy water later.

Now, take the WD-40 Bike Degreaser and spray the same on the chain. The degreaser not only does the job of cleaning your chain but also makes the process much faster and simpler. Once you have washed the chain off all the dirt, spray the WD-40 degreaser and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This will effectively degrease your bike chain and make its functioning more effective.

  1. Scrubbing The Chain

Degreasing the bike chain makes it easier to scrub its surface off the mud, dirt, and grime with the help of a brush. WD-40 makes it simpler for the rider to scrub the chain within a few minutes. This prevents you from resorting to a rigorous scrubbing, an activity that is never advisable for chain maintenance.

  1. Washing The Bike

Once you have scrubbed the chain off all the unwanted dirt, you can go ahead with washing the bike to further clean its chain. It is always advisable to wash the bike using a bucket of clean water and a sponge. While degreasing and scrubbing do most of the cleaning job done, it is still advisable to give your bike a good wash to get rid of any unwanted dirt left behind.

Another important reason behind washing the bike is that it helps you get the chain rid of the degreaser completely before you go ahead with lubricating it. Once you have washed the chain thoroughly, leave it in the sun for a few minutes to dry. This will prepare your bike chain for the next step of lubrication.

  1. Lubricating The Chain

Finally, once you have washed your bike chain properly, it is time to lubricate the chain to ensure the smooth and effective functioning of the vehicle. Irrespective of the lubricating needs of your bike, you can use a WD-40 lubricant of your choice for your bike chain, including WD-40 Dry Lube, Wet Lube, and All Conditions Lube.

All you need to do is take a can of a WD-40 lubricant, shake it well, and spray it on the inner surface of your bike chain on the lower side of the vehicle. It is advisable to spray the lubricant a few inches away from the area where the chain interfaces with the rear sprocket. Spray the liquid on the top where the chain leaves the rear sprocket as well.

While you are spraying the WD-40 lubricant, always make sure that you rotate the wheel of the bike and inspect the chain closely to look for wear on the rollers and linkages. Also, make sure that the chain is slack is consistent as you spray the lubricant.

  1. Keep Checking The Bike For Rust And Wear

Once you are done lubricating the bike chains and the functionality of the vehicle is successfully restored, it is not the end of the maintenance procedure. It is important to keep checking your bike and its chain for rust and wear on a frequent basis. Whenever you notice any issue with the vehicle, start with the remedies immediately. This helps you in dealing with the damages effectively and prevents you from shelling out a fortune in order to get it serviced at a garage.

It is important to understand that the rollers and other key components of your bike chain are always in motion when you ride a bike, thereby being subjected to a considerable amount of wear and tear. If rendered unattended, the situation is likely to get worse, further affecting the performance of your bike.

It is important for a rider to follow these steps regularly in order to maintain the prime condition of their bike chains. Bike chain maintenance with WD-40 helps you in keeping your vehicle up and running for a longer period of time. It provides your bike with a consistency that helps you enjoy every ride you take.

If you are an adventurous soul and go for rides in forests and muddy terrains frequently, it is advisable to clean your bike chains and lubricate them from time to time. This will extend the life of your vehicle and prevent any unwanted damages.

Easy Chain Maintenance With WD-40Easy Chain Maintenance With WD-40

With a single can of WD-40, you can undertake complete maintenance of your bike chains (and the vehicle as a whole). A few simple sprays and a few minutes improve the overall performance of your bike. WD-40 not only helps you clean your bike chain but also provides it with a layer of protection against damages from dust, moisture, and grime. Such a holistic approach provides riders with the confidence to go on new adventures on their bikes without having to worry about their well-being!