Car lovers are often very particular about maintaining their cars and getting them serviced from time to time. If you are a car lover yourself, you can definitely relate to the feeling of satisfaction you get on seeing your prized possession sparkling clean!

However, keeping your car well-maintained is not always an easy task. There are several factors that one needs to consider in order to steer away from damages and keeping the car immaculate at any point in time. No matter how hard you try to keep your vehicle neat and clean, certain damages are inevitable. A short drive on a muddy or dusty road can get parts of your car dirty and grimy.

It is always important to clean your car on a regular basis to keep it free from impurities and damages taking place over a long period of time. Leaving your car unattended for too long is likely to cause damages that affect the smooth functioning of the vehicle. This not only hampers the functionality of your car but also affects its aesthetic appeal negatively.

Even if you are not using your car frequently, it is always advisable to clean it to retain its condition and give it a longer life.

Here are some of the major tips and tricks to keep in mind to clean your car like a pro:

How to clean your Car Interior?

In order to clean your car like a professional, it is advisable to start with the interiors. Start by scanning the interiors and taking out all the unwanted items that you may have left inside since your last ride.

Once you have thrown out all the garbage, go ahead with vacuuming the interiors of the car to get rid of the smaller dirt. Make sure you remove the floor mats of the car before vacuuming the interiors for a thorough cleaning session.

Always remember that the upholstery and carpet of your car affect the way your car smells. Make sure that you are vigilant while cleaning the soft parts of the interiors. Use the carpet stain remover to get rid of the old and new stains from the carpet and other affected areas within your car.

Once you are through with vacuuming the carpet, you can soak a clean cloth in water lightly and wipe the rubber and plastic portions of the interior. In order to keep the door seals smooth and supple, use WD-40 Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant by spraying it on a cloth and applying the same on the seals.

Never forget to clean the trunk while you are cleaning the interiors of your car. Apply the same steps discussed above to clean the trunk of your car and make it look as good as new!

How to Clean your Car Exteriors?

Once you are done with the interiors and the trunk, you can move on to cleaning the exteriors of your car. This will affect the overall look and appeal of your precious vehicle! Before you start cleaning the exteriors, always make sure you have enough supply of water close by. Along with an ample supply of water, you would require a car wash soap, a clean cloth/wash mitt, a hose with a spray nozzle, and a soft brush (for cleaning the car wheels).

It is advisable to start cleaning the exteriors by washing the entire car with clean water. This will help you get rid of all the loose dirt, mud, and grime stuck to the surface of your car. The best way to clean the exterior of your car is to go from top to bottom. Instead of washing the entire car at once, pick one section at a time and wash it with soap and water. This will prevent sections of your car from drying up while the cleaning is in process.

After you are done with the final rinse of your vehicle, wipe the car lightly with a microfiber cloth/towel. This allows the cloth to soak up the water without affecting your cleaning process.

The work is not done yet. After you have washed and cleaned the exteriors, spray WD-40 window and glass cleaner on your car to give it a final touch, wiping the surfaces from top to bottom. Finally, use WD-40 cleaner and degreaser to spray the liquid on the tire frames. This ensures the longevity of your tires and ensures smooth drives. Make sure you scrub the tires and frames with a soft brush to get rid of mud and grime.

Using Car Wax

If you are willing to clean your car like a professional, you cannot miss out on using car wax to leverage the cleaning process. Waxing your car protects the vehicle from harmful UV rays and prevents fading over time. All you need to do is apply a small amount of car wax on foam and rub the same in circular motions.

It is important to note that there are two types of car waxes available for use. One wax provides your car with a white shine finish while the other gives it a glossy touch. You can choose the car wax based on the paint color of your car and the look you prefer on your vehicle.

Always remember that cleaning your car is not a one-time thing. If you want your car to be in top form and have a long life, it is advisable to clean your car thoroughly on a regular basis. If you take your car out on a frequent basis and drive on roads that are muddy or dusty, your car certainly needs more cleaning sessions.

With WD-40, you can clean your car at home like a professional. Right from the degreasing spray to lubricants, WD-40 provides car lovers with a range of products that help them maintain their cars and look after them in the best way possible. Instead of heading to a garage every few days, having a set of WD-40 products helps you nourish your car at a faster and more affordable rate!