You’re probably going to be spending more on motorcyclist gear than on your first bike. It’s a worthy investment if you truly need it. With every bike comes various gear needed.

Every piece of gear on our list is included for your protection and to make your daily commute less stressful. Let’s have a look at what you will need for your motorbike.


We already know the importance of this life-saving accessory. Every motorcyclist should get themselves a helmet that adheres to international safety standards. You should also know that five years after a helmet has been manufactured, the adhesives holding it together tend to start wearing off. This will still be true if you haven’t crashed or used it too much.

Other than this, both closed and open-faced helmet experience a wind noise of up to 115 decibels. This can cause permanent hearing damage for the rider. Therefore, we recommend that you get yourself some disposable earbuds.


A gut reaction that has been programmed into every motorcyclist’s brain is to put their hand out when they fall. When this happens, the asphalt can snap off your wrist even before you begin your tumble. Therefore, we recommend that you get yourself some palm sliders which are either made from stingray leather or low-friction plastic. It will also be preferable that there is some plastic or titanium where your wrist bones and knuckles are under the gloves. Protection is important.

Shoulder and Elbow Armor

There are many motorcyclist jackets out there that already have this accessory built inside of them, but this won’t be the case for other designer labels. If you wish to wear these, then you should get yourself some safety-rated shoulder and elbow armours.

Knee Armor

Motorcyclist clothes already have these functions in them. We recommend that you get yourself some Armor pads that cover your kneecaps. Not only will they cover the vital joint of your leg but will also be able to save more of your leg in the event of a crash.

Back Armor

Lastly, it’s very uncommon for motorcyclists to Armor their spine when they opt for knee and elbow accessories. This is where we would like to remind everyone that these parts will become useless if you crack your vertebra. Get yourself some stand-alone back Armor that extends to the tailbone as well.

If you wear these under your clothes, you won’t be troubled by an extra layer because these armours are usually thin and breathable. And even if they aren’t, would you rather enjoy the breeze or your safety?

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