Are you a motorcyclist? How long have you had your bike? All you need are some basic tools to keep your bike in tip-top shape. A well-maintained bike will be on the top of its performance and would also have a great life span.

Here are a few things that every motorcyclist should keep in mind to ensure their bikes are well maintained.

Motorcyclist tip: Chain Tension

Improper chain tension results in premature wearing of sprocket and gearbox. In addition, it can be a cause of rough gearshifts and a snatchy transmission. In addition, it restricts the movement of rear suspension and limits the life of the chain. This can break the chain down in the middle of a journey causing a great inconvenience.

Check your bike manual to know how to adjust the chain of the bike to its appropriate tension. Set the tension and then after that remember to put some load on the bike. In addition, you can make someone sit on it. This will simulate the tension during a journey and will tighten the chain accordingly.

The owner’s manual would also contain the correct torque settings for each bolt related to the chain tension. Torque is the amount of force needed to tighten a particular bolt. You need to be equipped with relevant equipment containing a torque wrench to do this successfully.

After you are done setting the tension, do not forget to lubricate the chain. All in all, this will ensure its smooth performance.

Motorcyclist Tip: Coolant

As a motorcyclist, you should know how to check the coolant levels of your bike. This is something we often neglect but only takes a few minutes. You might need to check the owner’s manual for this too, to locate where the coolant expansion tank is. Upper and lower levels are marked on the outside.

Refill the coolant if needed. If you plan to pour coolant through the radiator filler cap, just make sure that the engine is cool before you remove the lid.

Changing the coolant entirely is not that difficult too. As a motorcyclist, you must have done it before.

Locate the drain plug, which is usually situated near the water pump. If you do not know how to go about it, refer to the owner’s manual to know the right procedure for your bike.

Once the coolant has drained out, put the drain plug back in and then refill the coolant bottle with a 50-50 mixture of the coolant and deionized water.

Place the lids back and take a small ride. The coolant level would be down again. Refill to top it back up.

Motorcyclist Tip: Lubrication

What every motorcyclist should do to maintain their bike

Lubricating all the moving parts are necessary for a smooth-running bike. A motorcyclist should occasionally keep lubricating the chain, the suspension, and all other moving parts. Cleaning the old grease with WD-40 and then applying oil or grease again.

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