Scratches on the paintwork of your car? Get rid of them easily

Be it a brand new car, or one that has seen a lot of miles in its lifetime, no one likes scratches on their ride. But what does one do about these little scrapes and scratches that seemingly appear out of nowhere? And how to remove these car scratches?

Car scratches can occur because of a variety of reasons. From poor parking to unintentional scratches by things kept on the hood or otherwise – it happens, and we just need to know how to fix them.

Here are 3 scratch removal techniques that will help you out quick and easy:

Regular, gentle car wash

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Step 1

Pour water over the surface of the scratch and rinse the car well. If you’re using a hose, make sure the speed isn’t set too high.

Step 2

Use car washing soap or liquid detergent to wash the scratch, and scrub it with a microfiber cloth or a soft sponge. Do not use any kind of powdered detergent because it might cause more scratches as you clean with it. 

Step 3

Rinse the car again with clean water, and you’re good to go. 

This solution works well for superficial scratches that have barely scraped off the clear coat of the paint. Often, dirt gets accumulated in these surface-level scratches making them look worse than they are. So a regular, gentle wash with liquid detergent and a microfiber cloth should do the trick temporarily. 

Using toothpaste to remove mild car scratches

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Step 1

Wash and dry the scratched area with car soap or liquid detergent. 

Step 2

Depending on the size of the scratch, add toothpaste to a microfiber cloth and scrub the scratches in circular motions. Make sure the toothpaste is a smooth paste (without tiny granules in it) to avoid further scratches during the cleaning process. 

Step 3

Rinse out the excess toothpaste after 5 minutes of doing this and wipe with a soft microfiber cloth. 

This method is fairly effective for surface-level scratches that are a little more than a tiny scrape, but less than a scratch that has gone up to the actual paint of the car. 

Using WD-40 to remove car scratches

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Step 1

Spray a generous amount of WD-40 directly onto the scratches on your car, and let it sit for 50-60 seconds.

Step 2

Take a soft microfiber cloth, and slowly (but firmly) wipe it all off along the scratched bits to really work the product in. You should see the scratches start to fade. 

Step 3

You may repeat this process if needed, or after every car wash. 

Sometimes, lighter solutions like normal detergent or toothpaste might not help all the way through with scratches. WD-40 is excellent in cleaning up scratches that have cut through even the base coat of the paint. In addition to being safe for use on car surfaces, it also adds a subtle shine and an extra layer of protection for the scratches from the dust and also prevent rust.



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