Whether your car is old or brand new, it is vulnerable to rust. Not only is a rust spot unsightly and ugly, but it is also extremely dangerous. This is because rust decays your car’s metallic exterior. As the metal weakens, it loses its strength and that leads to a collision. This is why you probably want to know all about car rust prevention.

If you’re looking for easy ways to rustproof your car, follow all the steps mentioned in this guide and you’re good to go!

Step# 1: You Need to Wash Your Car Properly

Washing your car sounds basic, doesn’t it? Well, unless you go through the primary step, you won’t be able to rustproof your car. Removing dirt build-up is an essential step for rust prevention. This is because dirt build-up damages the car’s protective layer and chips away the paint. In effect, rust easily finds its way on your car’s metallic exterior and ruins it.

So when you’re rustproofing your car, make sure to wash it thoroughly. You must also wash the wheels to remove grime or grout.

Step# 2: Inspect Your Car’s Paint for Car Rust Prevention

Is the protective layer chipping away? Or is the paint wearing off? You will find answers to these questions by inspecting your car’s paint. Paint covers the car’s metallic structure, protecting it from rust.  If the paint begins to flake off, your car becomes sensitive to humidity or water corrosion. This paves a path for rusting.

To make sure your car is rustproof, keep in mind that the paint needs to be in a proper condition. If the paint seems to be scraping off, have your car’s exterior painted.

Step# 3: Stay Extra Careful in Winters

In winters, car rust prevention is hugely essential. You will need to keep your car covered to prevent rusting. Other than that, you need to wash it frequently, especially when you come back from a drive. This is because the salt on the roads can severely affect your car and lead to rusting.

Step# 4: Use Wax to Ensure Car Rust Prevention

The paint on your car is covered by a layer of clear coating for protection. By waxing your car, you ensure that this clear coat remains well-maintained. As a result, the paint doesn’t flake off and the car remains rustproof.

Ideally, you should wax your car twice a year, but you could do it more times as well.

Step# 5: Spray Some WD-40

WD-40 is a multi-purpose range of products that are designed exclusively for the maintenance of your vehicles. Strong and competent, WD-40 removes grease and grime from your car, loosens rusted and protects the metal from rust and corrosion.

Follow these steps and rustproof your car!