Imagine this, you’re driving away on a quiet road, with friends or maybe alone. And with a clap of thunder, it starts to rain. At first, it’s nice, soothing, and calming, but soon you realize you have to turn your wiper blades on. And then begins the squeaking.
There is nothing worse than the high pitched, jarring noise of squeaking wiper blades. It’s enough to ruin conversations, music, or the sound of the rain and pretty much your mood. Getting new wiper blades might be expensive and not the best idea.
Here are some easier solutions to clean wiper blades. 

Things you’ll need to clean wiper blades:

How to stop wiper blades from squeaking?

  1. Baking soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. Nail paint remover 
  4. WD-40 
  5. Rag or cloth 
  6. Detergent

Solution 1 

Step 1: Removing build-up

One of the biggest reasons why wiper blades squeak is due to an accumulation of dirt and grime. This can be cleaned off with soapy water and an alcohol-based cleaner. Dip a rag or a piece of cloth in detergent, and wipe down the blades. Make sure to wipe the screws and hinged parts of the wiper as well. Now wipe down with nail polish remover to get rid of any remaining residue. 

Step 2: Cleaning the windshield

The grime on the windshield can, too, contribute to the squeaking. Spray some vinegar over it and wipe clean. Avoid getting it over the painted area or inside the car. 

Solution 2 – Very dirty wiper blades and windshield

In case you haven’t cleaned the windshield and wiper blades in a while, try out this method. Pour some baking soda over a damp cloth, and rub it all over, including the hinges. Repeat with a wet cloth to get any remaining baking soda off. This should remove most of the dirt and grime. 

Solution 3 – For a spotless cleanup 

Now this solution is a sure-shot way of cleaning up everything regardless of the last clean up. Spray some WD-40 all over the windshield and the blades. And wipe clean with a rag. All the residue will come off in a jiffy. 

Tip: Cover your car when parked. If the blades still squeak after a cleanup, try getting them changed.