A car is an owner’s safe space. His ticket to freedom, if you will. And if that space gets messy, it can get annoying. We wash our cars, park them carefully, avoid any scratches, and take care of them as our favorite machines. But alas, nature spares no man.
Birds, the world is their oyster. They defecate anywhere they please, cars being one of their favorite spots. Unpleasant to look at or clean, or even spot sometimes, bird poop can harden and get into tiny spaces, making them hard to clean. Not to mention, the poop contains Uric acid, which is corrosive and causes damage to the car’s wax coating or paint. Don’t let the stains ruin the look of your vehicle.
Let’s look at a few solutions to clean bird poop quickly and easily. 

Things you’ll need to clean bird poop stains:

How to clean bird poop stains from your car?

  1. Water
  2. club soda
  3. Spray bottle
  4. WD-40
  5. Soft towel
  6. Laundry detergent
  7. Scraper

Solution 1

First, scrape off any poop or residue with a scraper as much as you can without damaging the outer coating. 

Fill up a spray bottle with some club soda. The carbonation helps in breaking down the acid, weakening the stain. Spray diligently on the stain, and let it stay for a while. Wipe off with a towel. 

Avoid sugary sodas or drinks on the stain in place of club soda. 

Solution 2

This is an easy and ideal solution for dried poop. Scrap off any poop on the dry area. 

If your laundry detergent is dry, mix it with a little bit of water to make a paste. If it’s wet, then it’s good to go. Put some detergent on the stain and gently rub it with a towel. The stain should come off. 

Solution 3

Now some stains may be set in deep or have caused more damage than anticipated. For these, the above DIY solutions might not work. 

Fear not here’s a foolproof solution. Spray some WD-40 onto the stain. Wait for a minute and wipe clean. Your car will be looking as good as new. 

Tip: cover the car with a tarpaulin sheet when parked or not in use to avoid risking poop stains or grime. 

Try parking the car in covered spaces.