There is no bigger joy than finally buying the car that you had your eyes on for the longest time! If you’ve finally invested your hard-earned savings into your car, then you need to take the right steps to preserve its ‘brand-newness’. Yes, we’re talking about rust proofing your car!

How Does Rust Occur?

Basically, when the car is kept outdoors or is exposed to humidity, its metal begins to corrode. This leads to rusting. In time, if the rust patch is left untreated, it can actually disband the metal area engineered to sponge in energy. Thus, in case of a collision, your car won’t be strong enough to protect you from the impact.  This is why rust proofing should be on your to-do list as it gets rid of rust.

Why Does Your Car Need Rust Proofing?

Rust can be removed luckily. If it’s not, then it is likely to grow and then weaken your car’s metal structure. As a result, not only does your car look unappealing, but its metal becomes frail and starts to chip away. That would be quite sad after you’ve spent some money on this car. 

What Are the Steps for Rust Proofing Your Car?

Some of the latest cars come with an in-built rust proofing technology. While this is extremely useful, you should always invest in rust proofing your car to remain on the safe side. So if you’re looking for ways to rust proof the metal, take a look below.

Look Around for Scratches or Abrasion

Rust Proofing: All You Need to Know

You should regularly inspect your car to catch any signs of abrasion or rust spots in the early stages. Look around your car carefully. If you notice rust, it’s time for rust proofing.

Scrape Off the Rust Patch for Rust Proofing

Wear the safety suite (mask, gloves, and goggles) and begin scraping off the rust spot. You will need to buy medium grit sandpaper to execute this step.

Clean the Surface

Upon successful rust removal, clean the surface. You will have to use a soaked cloth dipped in mineral spirits to wipe off the grease.

Coat the Metal with Your Desired Paint

Of course, now that the rust has been removed, there are discolored patches on the metal of your car. To make your car sleek again, you will have to paint it. Use a computer matching app to find out the exact color of the paint on your car. Coat the rust-free area with paint and let it dry.

Clean the Whole Car

Rust Proofing: All You Need to Know

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Now that your car is painted, you need to make sure that it is neat and clean. It is very important to have a clean car before applying the rustproofing fluid to get the desired results.

Secure Your Car with the WD-40 Rust Proofing Fluid

Rust Proofing: All You Need to Know

Use the WD-40 as a rust proofing liquid to seal the deal and to help prevent rusting in the future. This highly competitive solution treats your car with the care it deserves and protects it from the impact of corrosion. Always avoid wheels and parts of the car that shouldn’t be sprayed with a lubricant. 

Now that rust proofing is so easy and convenient, your car can always look brand new!

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