We have all come across a nut that has rusted over time and become one with the accompanying bolt. It is always tough to loosen rusty nuts and screws but there are some things that can help you out in case you are faced with such a situation. Here is a list of things that should help you loosen rusty nuts and screws and then remove them:

1.     Analyse the Bolt

When dealing with rusty nuts and bolts, the first thing you need to decide is whether the nut or bolt is ready to break. Once these things are stretched beyond their elastic limit, they will break. The next thing you need to figure out is if the nut and bolt have a locking compound. Many factory bolts come with a thread locker which can be softened upon heating.

Also ask yourself if the rusted nut, bolt or screw is worth saving or not. A fastener will not provide the necessary clamping force if it has lost its tensile strength to rusting. There is no use trying to save a fastener that will be of no use later on. It is better to break such rusted pieces and replace them once and for all.

2.     Remove the Rust As Much As Possible using Premium Products

If you have tried using muscle but there have been no results, don’t worry. There are some other ways to loosen the rusty nuts and bolts.

If you figure out that the nut, bolt or screw is worth saving and is deemed salvageable, you should remove as much rust as possible from it. This can be done using a wire brush. Using it will remove a lot of dirt and dust. The best thing to do is use a product that assists you in loosening rusted parts. The WD-40 Multi-Use Product is one of the best products you will find to help loosen rusty nuts and bolts.

Ø  WD-40® Smart Straw

If there are some hard to reach areas that are rusted, this is the best product to get rid of the rust from such parts. It comes with a flexible straw of 8”. The straw is made using premium quality flexible material, which bends as much as you want without losing its shape. It also sprays two ways, making it easier to reach difficult areas. The formula displaces moisture and also dries our quickly ensuring there are no short circuits due to moisture.

Ø  WD-40® Multi-Use Product

This product keeps metals away from corrosion and rust. It penetrates the part, displaces the moisture and then lubricates it keeping it safe from rusting. It is a thick gel lubricant that stays where you spray it. Not only will this help you in loosening rusted parts, it will also provide 12 times long lasting lubrication that helps prevent rust for up to a year.

3.     Soak the Rusted Parts Liberally

Once you have chosen the right product to lubricate the rusted areas, the next step is to leave it on the affected areas for some time. This will give these products the time to do their magic and you will be able to loosen the rusty nuts and screws easily. Again, patience is the key here. You might not be able to loosen them up immediately, but it is better than losing the nuts or screws altogether.

4.     Give it some Leverage

After soaking them with the lubricant for enough time, you will need a long handle ratchet or a breaker bar to gain more leverage. Be careful of not breaking the rusted nuts by applying too much force. You should also wear padded mechanics gloves while doing this in order to protect your hands.

The process should end at this stage if you have followed the above steps carefully. The most important part of loosening rusted nuts and screws is to use the right lubricants. Without these lubricants, it would become very difficult to save the nuts and screws let alone loosen them. If you use the right lubricant, you will be able to loosen all kinds of rusty nuts and screws and will be able to use them again as they will not be damaged in the process.

The Ultimate Solution to Rusty Parts

If you are looking for the best lubricants to make the arduous task of loosening rusty nuts and screws, your top choice should be WD-40. The name of the company says it all. It has been there for over 60 years and provided easy to use effective lubricants. The products are ideal for use by everyone from industrial experts to the people who believe in DIY. The lubricants made specially to deal with loosening rusty parts keeps the metal protected from corrosion and rust by penetrating the affected part and displacing the moisture accumulated on it. These are ideal to lubricate any rusty part. The best thing about WD-40® Smart Straw and WD-40® Multi-Use Product is that they help in loosening the rusted parts, and also provide year-long protection to these parts against rust. Using these lubricants will keep your machinery safe and you will not have to deal with rust and corrosion again.