Can-openers are a “must-have” for every kitchen. Regardless of where one might live, there are bound to be cans involved in the daily shenanigans of the kitchen.  It is important to care for your can openers. Why? If you do not, your food probably will not taste like what it should be. The food that you will get out of your cans will, somehow, always taste like tuna? Here is how you can prevent that from happening:

Use a Wax Paper

Maintenance of Can Openers: Way to Extend its Life Span

The first thing that you can use for lubricating can openers is wax paper. Yes, you have read that correctly: a wax paper can be used to effectively lubricate your can opener. On top of that, using a wax paper for the job cleans your cap opener in the best possible manner as well.

Did you just say that you wash your can opener regularly and that there is no need for a piece of wax paper on the job? If the answer is yes then you are mistaken. Why? Well, it is because no matter how many times you might wash your can opener, the fact of the matter is that bits of food and flakes of metal will get stuck that will be incredibly tough to get out. The predicament gets tougher if these particles are stuck between the blades.

All you need to do is take a wax paper and fold it a few times. Once that is done, clamp down on it with your can opener and give it a few twists. The wax paper will do wonders for dislodging anything that might be stuck between the blades. Moreover, the coating of wax will lubricate the blades simultaneously. However, what you have to remember is that this procedure will not be incredibly helpful if you are dealing with particles of rust and corrosion.

The Magical Mixture

Can-openers are the most neglected pieces of equipment in our kitchens. Some of us even tend to believe that can openers have got no cleaning needs. (this is wrong). A can opener is bound to lose its edge if attention is given to it. Can opener falling into the trap of corrosion is the worst thing to happen.

A can opener can be rescued from the corrosion. All you will need for going about it is a magical mixture that comprises of white vinegar. All you need to do is fill a bowl with white vinegar and leave you rusted can opener inside overnight. White vinegar will make it easy to remove any rust that might be plaguing it.

Next, pick up a toothbrush and use it to scrub the pieces of rust away. After the rust has been removed from your can opener, rinse it off with dish soap and water. Finally, remember to dry the can opener off so that no moisture is left in any of the crevices, considering how it will risk corrosion all over again.

However, what you got to remember is that this procedure will do wonders for merely cleaning your can opener. It will do no good for its lubrication needs.

Good Old WD-40

Maintenance of Can Openers: Way to Extend its Life Span

Whilst there are many methods, but they do not offer complete maintenance for can openers.

For instance, wax paper is a good option available for the thorough cleaning of your can opener; however, the fact remains that it is incapable of dealing with rust. Similarly, the use of white vinegar does wonders for rust prevention but not the best for lubrication. 

Aim to look for a solution that offers a complete solution for the maintenance of your can opener.

According to experts, this is where the good old WD-40 comes into the picture because it helps to ensure that your can openers are left super clean. 

As WD-40 is a lubricant, you can trust that you will be satisfied with added lubrication if needed.

All you need to do is apply WD-40 onto your can opener and leave it be for a few minutes. Pick up a rag and use it to scrub the surface of the can opener. Use a toothbrush for the hard to reach crevices and then you will find that the procedure takes care of rust, gunk and adds lubrication to the can opener. Wash the can opener thoroughly before using it. 

An additional utility that comes with the usage of WD-40 protection from rust. This means that WD-40 ensures can openers do not get rusty.

WD-40 is nothing short of a blessing when it comes to the maintenance of your can openers because it helps from degreasing to getting rid of rust to lubrication—WD-40 takes care of them all!

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