How to keep kitchen clean? Kitchens are one of the most important parts of our houses.  A dirty kitchen could mean unhygienic food and could result in several health issues.

Keeping your kitchens clean and tidy should be the aim, free from bacteria and germs. In order to do so, make sure to take the necessary steps in order to ensure they are clean.

How To Keep Kitchen Clean

Cleaning the floor, sink, stove, and cabinets are just a few tasks that you might want to look at first. To keep a consistently clean environment, these cleaning tasks should be performed on a regular basis.

After all the apparent cleaning of the kitchen, there are still some tasks left behind that most of the homeowners ignore. These include lubricating the mechanical components of the kitchen. So if you do not already know how to keep kitchen clean, you might as well be curious about where does the lubrication come in cleaning the kitchen? And mechanical parts, that too in the kitchen?

These are some questions that bother most of us homeowners. The good news is, that this is not something to worry too much about, once you know how to do these, you will realize how simple the task was.

Lubricate Door Hinges For A Super Clean Kitchen

Have you ever been in a situation when you walked to the kitchen late at night and as you open a cabinet, a loud squeaky noise greeted you? Yes, all of us see such situations every day that do nothing but draw embarrassment of having disturbed the entire house. This squeaking occurs because of poorly lubricated door hinges.

How to keep kitchen clean? The perfect solution to this problem is to use WD-40 spray on the hinges. It not only clears out dirt and moisture off the hinges but also lubricates them so that they do not make those weird noises anymore.

Lubricates Kitchen Drawer Sliding Tracks

Here is another place where you might need to use the WD-40 spray. All you need to do is to take out the drawer entirely. Then take a clean dry cloth to wipe clean the drawer sliding tracks to get rid of dirt. Then take a can of WD-40 spray and spray it along the track to clean the excess dirt and grease. It will lubricate the sliding and make your drawers more smooth and runny