No home is complete without a refrigerator. Even hotel rooms for that matter. Food or water, both need to be refrigerated for daily consumption. But once in a while, due to obvious reasons, you end up spilling and dropping food in the fridge.
One common misconception is, you don’t have to clean it up immediately, it’s the fridge so it’ll probably never go bad. But even if you do clean up spillage, over time, mold and mildew build-up on small spaces or food particles.
The moisture and the ventilation provides an ideal breeding space for germs and bacteria while keeping the foul smell away, which in turn makes it harder to detect. Worry not, here’s how you can clean out mold from your fridge with things available in your home. 

Things you’ll need to clean mold from your fridge: 

How to clean mold from your fridge?

  1. Detergent 
  2. Rag or tissues 
  3. Vinegar 
  4. Scrubber
  5. Toothbrush 
  6. Lemon wedges
  7. WD-40 

Step 1 

Remove all the food items from your fridge. Take out all the shelves and glass panes, and submerge them in the skin filled with soapy water. Scrub them down good with a scrubber. Get the air filter out too and change or wash it to renew the ventilation. 

Step 2

Mold gets deeply set into your fridge, especially the seal on the doors. So it’s important to get them nice and clean. Use some vinegar to get rid of the mold. Dip a rag in vinegar or simply pour some on the seal. Wipe clean and use a toothbrush to get into those crevices. Wipe with a wet tissue. 

Step 3

Wipe down the interiors with rags dipped in soapy water. Get all the mold off. Then wipe with vinegar to disinfect the interior. 

Step 4

Now the fridge might have some vinegary smell, place some lemon wedges in the fridge, keep them there for a bit while the fridge is still plugged in. 

Step 5

Now you may have missed some mold in the door or the shelves, or some foul smell might put you off. You can use WD-40 to clean out the whole fridge without all the steps even from outside. Simply spray and wipe clean. Easy to do, without any extra steps. 

Tips: Avoid using bleach and keep the temperature of the fridge low. Clean it every 2-3 months to avoid the build-up of mold.