We all love to accessorize. Whether it’s cuff links, earrings, sunglasses, or rings, we love to mix and match. Rings are especially a favorite, as they go with all outfits and occasions.
But every now and then, that moment of panic comes when rings get stuck on our fingers. Unexpected, yet a common occurrence. Now how do you get them off without hurting yourself or ruining the ring?
Here are some solutions to remove a stuck ring.

Things you’ll need to remove a stuck ring:

Ways to Remove a Stuck Ring

  1. Butter or oil 
  2. Soap or dishwashing liquid 
  3. WD-40
  4. String
  5. Vaseline 

Solution 1 

Get some butter and rub it on your fingers. Try and push the melted butter underneath the stuck ring. Swirl the ring around until it’s lubricated well. Try and get the ring out. This works well to remove a stuck ring no matter what type. 

Solution 2

Get some soap or dishwashing liquid and lather it up on your hand. Then try and swirl the ring around until it starts moving around and try and slide it out. Avoid using this method on iron or silver rings too often. 

Solution 3

Rub some vaseline on your finger and try to slide the ring out. This can work effectively to remove a stuck ring.

Solution 4

Try to slip a string or thread under the ring. Once done, start wrapping it around right next to the ring, a little tighter than the grip of the ring. Once enough area is covered, try to slide the ring out with the thread. 

Solution 5

If none of the above things are at your disposal, or if you don’t wanna risk cutting your ring, WD-40 would work perfectly to remove a stuck ring right out. Spray some WD-40 at your finger, lubricate the ring, and it will slide right out. 

Pro Tip: When too tight, try not to push the ring in with force.