Companies all over the world spend around millions of dollars on researching a bike chain lubricant that will help bikers protect their bicycles from grit and dirt. Their main aim is to provide a formulation that will help bikers achieve a long-lasting, fast-shifting and an efficient drive train.

There’s a reason why nowadays you will find different bike chain lubricants in the market and on the internet. During races or leisure rounds around the block, you never know the kind of path you will encounter. There might be mounds of dust, pebbles lying around near a construction site, (which by the way makes the best place to get creative with your bicycle) or a mud puddle that becomes a cake on your bike’s wheel. In some cases, a lubricant might also wash off in the rain if your bike chain lubricant is not of high quality.

Bike chain lubricant such as WD-40 is great as it can be used in all types of weather conditions. While an all-in-one lubricant does a good job in protecting the chain but a formulated lubricant does an even better job. You can choose a specific lubricant according to the routes you bicycle on. This helps you to keep the bicycle in great shape.

How Does a Bike Chain Lubricant Work?

A bike chain lubricant is only necessary for internal parts such as chain plates, rollers, pins, sprockets and derailleur. Since the lube needs to penetrate through to all the small areas, it should be thick enough that it lasts longer on the chain and thin enough that the parts absorb it easily. This is why thicker lubricants are not suitable for a bike.

The important thing to remember is that you need to apply the lube generously so that the drive train lasts longer. Apart from bike chain lubricants, there are two other types of lubricants for bicycle: General cleaners and degreasers. Both these cleaners serve a different purpose and help keep the bike clean.

Before moving on to the three different types of bike chain lubricants WD-40 offers, let’s talk about the other two bike cleaners they offer:

Bike Cleaning Lubricants

WD-40 Bike Cleaner

Cleaning a bike with dish soap and water no longer does the job. In fact, dish soap removes your last lube job and leaves the bike unprotected. The WD-40 bike cleaner is designed to remove stubborn dirt from your bike’s frame. Simply, hose off the worst of the mud and dirt, spray WD-40 Bike Cleaner to the part covered with dirt and wait a few minutes for it loosens. Now, hose it off with a light spray. For cleaning the corners, spray generously on the parts, scrub with a brush and wipe them off with a cloth. Repeat if necessary.

WD-40 Bike Degreaser

The WD-40 bike degreaser can be used on the most stubborn stains. It can be used on the derailleur, chains, cog sets and chainsets. The degreaser works in the same way as the cleaner. It keeps the components clean, does not leave any residue, increases bike’s efficiency and protects the parts from attracting too much dust (once they are lubed).

The visible bike parts can be cleaned easily but for cleaning the chainrings and cogs, you will need a sprocket and chain cleaning claw brush. Other tools include the split cable stops that you will need to remove the rear derailleur to clean the cable.

Bike Chain Lubricants

Generally, there are two types of bike chain lubricants: Dry and wet. However, to give people the opportunity to take out their bike in all weather conditions on various routes, WD-40 have also introduced “All Conditions Lube”. Below explained are the uses of the three lubes:

WD-40 Bike Dry Lube

Dry lubes do not attract much grit and dust. However, the lube must be applied regularly because it dries fast. Dry lube leaves the bike’s chain much cleaner. It improves the chain’s efficiency and penetrates deep into all the parts. The dry lube can be used on sprockets, chains and derailleur. Apply a generous coat of the bike chain lubricant on the chain and spin back the cranks.

WD-40 Bike Wet Lube

WD-40 wet lube is more powerful than the dry lube, as it protects the bike in wet weather and from the mud. To get the most out of the wet lube, apply the degreaser after you come from a particularly dirty ride. This will clean the dirt from the drive train that might have attached to the wet lube. This bike chain lubricant can be used for sprockets, chains and derailleur.

WD-40 Bike All Conditions Lube

As mentioned earlier, this bike chain lubricant is for both wet and dry biking conditions. This lubricant reduces damage to the parts and allows for smooth gear transitions. It penetrates the bike’s components and is great for general bike riders. This bike chain lubricant can be used on pivot points, chains, cables, shifters and derailleur.

Tips for Cleaning a Bike

  • For best results, choose a reliable and high-quality lubricant.
  • Avoid using dish soap liquid for cleaning the bike, as it contains harmful chemicals
  • Always start cleaning from the top
  • Use a brush for scraping off the dirt and a lint-free cloth for wiping the components

WD-40 bike chain lubricants are available in a squirt bottle, which makes it easy for you to apply a precise coat of the bike chain lubricant. It is important to regularly lube your bike parts or with time, they will become stiff. All you need to do is after a week or two, depending on how frequently you use your bike, re-lube the parts and make sure to wipe off the excess lube.