Gardening is a popular hobby. Most of the people have at least one pot, container or a patch where they grow something. While we pay a lot of attention to the plants, watering and cleaning them, garden tools are often neglected. Spades, trowels, shovels and hoes etc. They all need to be taken care of to ensure they have a long life and keep helping you with the garden work.

It is important to keep your garden tools well-maintained. Special care needs to be taken when you are putting your garden tools in storage for the winter. Rust is one of the main problems encountered with garden tools as they are made of metal and are used on places abundant in mud, moisture and water. If you do not clean them thoroughly and do not keep them well -maintained before putting them out in the storage, they are going to get rusty over time. You will have to go through the ordeal of buying new garden tools every season.

Here are some important things to do for garden tool storage to keep them in top shape:

Tips and Tricks for Garden Tool Storage

Clean the Garden Tools Thoroughly

Rust is encouraged by moisture which is present in abundance in soil. Since the garden tools are in contact with soil all the time. It is important to clean them before putting them in garden tool storage to prevent rust and corrosion.

Not cleaning the garden tools before storing them will also allow the bits of weed roots, seeds and soil borne diseases to be transferred from one plant to another. You definitely do not want to see your garden turn into dust because of some disease. Before you put the tools in garden tool storage, wash the tools with water to remove soil from them. A putty knife can also be used to scrape the mud off. This will also remove the plant saps and resins from being transferred from one plant to another. Not only keeping the plants safe from problems but also preventing the buildup of rust on the garden tools. It is also important to dry the garden tools before putting them in garden tool storage.

Get Rid of Rust There and Then

If there are some rusty parts on the garden tools, it is important to take care of them right away. Cleaning them will prevent the rust from damaging other parts of the tool and other tools stored close by. A wire brush or an emery cloth can be used to remove rust from the metal parts of the garden tools.

Oily sand can also be used to rub the rust away from these tools. Whatever method you choose to remove rust from the garden tools. Make sure you do it as soon as you notice rust growing on it. This also needs to be done whenever you are putting your garden tools in garden tool storage. If you delay scraping off the rust, it will grow to other parts of the tools. Then it will become difficult to clean them later on when you take them out of the storage to be used again.

Using the Right Products

While cleaning, drying and getting rid of rust are important steps to be taken before putting the garden tools in the garden tool storage.  There’s one other thing that needs to be done that will keep the garden tools safe from rust and corrosion. Covering up the garden tools with a protective coating allows them to be stored safely.

You can use a thin coating of oil on the metal parts of the garden tools to keep them away from rust and corrosion. However, it is always better to use specialized products specially made to prevent rust on metals. WD-40, is a great product when it comes to preventing rust and corrosion on garden tools before they are put in garden tool storage. It not only lubricates the tools but also provide them protection against rust. You do not have to worry about your garden tools getting rusty in storage as WD-40 will take care of it all. It penetrates the tools, provides a protective covering against moisture, the main reason for rust. And also provides the garden tools with the right amount of lubrication needed for their efficient working.


You can now store your garden tools safely with the tips mentioned above. It is important to keep in mind that exposure to external elements is one of the main reasons garden tools become rusty. Before you put your garden tools in storage, it is important to make sure you provide them protection against moisture and other external elements which may cut short their lives. Also make sure you have a proper shed to store your garden tool. Keeping them out in the open will only lead to their rusting and corrosion, making them ineffective to be used again.

Garden tools are not a small investment. You cannot buy new garden tools every other day. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of these tools, keep them clean, cover them with the right products and keep them safe in garden tool storage until you need them the next time. Keeping the garden tools free from rust is one of the main things that can increase their life. Use WD-40 to provide the garden tools with a protective covering against moisture and keep them free from rust.