The saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” is a saying that’ll always hold true. A clean residence makes one feel at peace and resonates with calmness. Clutter, dust, and grime can lead to health issues, cause discomfort, and invite bugs. In general, cleaning can be a difficult chore, sometimes time-consuming, but a little effort every day is all you need to make a space neat and tidy.
When it comes to cleaning around the house, it might be confusing, and you might not know where to begin. But not to worry, this ultimate cleaning checklist is all you need to clean up, basically anything. 

Things you need for the ultimate cleaning checklist: 

The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist

  1. Broom
  2. Mop and bucket
  3. Wiper
  4. Rag/towel/tissue
  5. Dustpan 
  6. Detergent/phenyl 
  7. WD-40

Yup, you read that right, just these seven products are actually all you need to clean anything around the house—ranging from your bathroom to your kitchen. How you ask? Let us break it down for you. 


Wipe the slabs with a rag/towel/tissue. With a broom, sweep the floors, and collect up the dust in the dustpan. Now with a mop and water mixed with detergent or phenyl, wipe the floors clean. But those oily stains on walls after countless cooking sessions and the gross grime in the kitchen pipes can be hard to clean. These can lead to mold, bugs, and foul smell. 

Simply spray some WD-40 and wipe clean. All the grime will be removed easily. 

Bedroom/Living room/balcony: 

Wipe down the cabinets, the almirahs, and the tables down first with a rag. Then sweep with a broom, and mop the floors clean. But the coffee stains on the table, the makeup stains/handprints on the walls, and rust on the balcony railing must be cleaned from time to time. The rust can build up, leading to splinters. Use WD-40 on the walls and railings to get rid of the stubborn stains or rust. 


Wash the bathroom floor and, with a wiper, get rid of the water. Now the bathroom is the most challenging place to clean in the house, but let’s make it equally easy. The rust or stains on the taps from the hard water, grimy and slippery floors, or the dirt on the drain, can all be disgusting and hard to clean. But with WD-40, all of these can be wiped clean in a minute. Spray it on the taps, floor/walls, drain plate and wipe with a towel. 

Home cleaning is a job everyone has to take on regardless of their age, job, or gender. Though it can be hectic, once in a while, a house must be cleaned thoroughly. We hope we made it easier with this list.