Whether you’re new at adulting or already an expert at it, clean clothes are a must. And it’s given you can’t rely on your parents or keep paying for it, so most of us have a designated laundry machine.
No matter how many laundry days are rued, they are awaited. Warm, fresh clothes, dry or wet, are necessary for day to day life. But have you started noticing rust on your clothes? Is there a coppery tint or smell? Or is your machine visibly beginning to rust?
You could rewash your clothes, or wipe down rust, but your machine is prone to interior damage if the rust isn’t taken care of. Even stainless steel machines are prone to rusting up and need extra maintenance. So what can you do to remove rust from your washing machine? Let’s answer that. 

Things you’ll need to remove rust from washing machine: 

How to remove rust from your washing machine?

  1. Lemon juice/ vinegar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Aluminum foil 
  4. Rag
  5. WD-40 

Step 1 

Clean out your machine. If you tend to leave the lid open, foreign objects or metal particles get stuck inside and start rusting. Remove anything you see in your machine. 

Step 2 (interior) 

For the rust stains on the interior of your machine, use lemon juice/distilled vinegar. If there’s a hot water setting, turn it on as it’ll be more effective. The acidic particles will take away the rust. Put the lemon juice in your machine, and start the cycle (without clothes). 

Step 3 (exterior)

If there are rust stains on the exterior of your machine, it’s crucial to remove them as they can seep inside as well.

You can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and leave the paste on the stains. To get rid of any corrosion on the chrome, try using some aluminum foil to rub on the affected area and then wipe clean. To protect the area, rub some wax on it. 

Step 4- deep set corrosion

All of the above will eliminate the top layer of rust but don’t guarantee complete rust removal. This is crucial as rust is the enemy of any machine. Try using some WD-40 on the affected area, and wipe clean. This will ensure all the corrosion gets removed from both the exterior or the interior of your washing machine. 

Tip: Don’t leave your washing machine’s lid open. Avoid keeping it in areas with poor drainage to make it last longer.