It’s been a while since you’ve had them cleaned, so you’re gearing up with the right tools and attitude. You’ve been putting it off for months now. Because let us be honest – to remove dirt from the window isn’t a top priority for most people. It takes a fair share of scrubbing in some cases, and the glass windows never seem to cooperate, with all the fingerprint marks and stains. It’s important all the same, which is why we’re here to help.

There are traditional ways of cleaning them, and there are modern ones. However, a basic understanding of even when to clean it and the order of cleaning the window pane can save you more than a few minutes. Here are some pointers –

1. Pick a cloudy day

We aren’t talking about cleaning windows on a rainy day, no. That will not help with keeping the mist and minerals off. But picking a bright sunny time to clean the windows can make them super hot even mid-way, which may result in hard to clean marks from a hot window, thanks to the equally hot and dried up cleaning solution on the window glass. The shade is your best friend.

2. First dust, then wipe

A simple how-to for removing dirt from a windowpane

No matter what you use to clean the windowpane, it’s important to sweep and dust it a bit first. This will help it from getting even messier if you use a cleaning agent on it directly. If the window pane looks particularly grimy – dust, wipe with a wet cloth, then proceed to the next step.

3. Recognize the degree of the task at hand

A simple how-to for removing dirt from a windowpane

Has your window never been cleaned before? Gear up with a few extra swabs of microfiber cloth, and prepare to scrub a few seconds extra. If you’ve cleaned it in the past 6 months, chances are, it won’t be as dirty or grimy, unless you live in the middle of an actual construction site.

4. Use the cleaner generously

A simple how-to for removing dirt from a windowpane

Be it a home concoction of vinegar, lemon juice, and white toothpaste, or an industrial-level recommended cleaner like WD-40, use it liberally. We aren’t encouraging wasting resources at all, but it always helps to use a little extra, just to make sure you’ve covered every speck of dirt and done it right. You can spray WD-40 onto a microfiber cloth, and wipe away directly. For tougher stains, a little scrubbing will be required, but it’s much faster than the other cleaners.

A simple how-to for removing dirt from a windowpane

A few reasons for needing a windowpane cleaning could be the monsoon season bringing on mineral stains, dirty fingerprints all over the glass, or just a lot of visible dirt (and maybe even grease) built up. You will need gloves, a soft duster, microfiber swabs, and a good cleaner like WD-40 since it not only cleans the windowpane but also gives an excellent protective coating to it.