This article is really for coffee fans out there. The worst thing is probably getting a stain on a table or surface and your clothes. They aren’t always the easiest to get off. You will be happy to know that you can remove them. You just need to use the right product. WD-40 can help you out to remove those coffee stains. Always test on a small area first, don’t use on porous items because there are chances WD-40 may stain. 

Apply WD-40

Remove Coffee Stains from Your Clothes Today in 5 Steps

The first thing that you will need to do is spray some WD-40 onto the area that has the stain. Make sure the area is soaked with enough to cover the stain. 

Give It Time

Regardless of how wonderful WD-40 might be for the job, the fact is that it will still require some time. It is recommended for you to wait for a few minutes before going forward with the rest of the procedure. Patience is key.

Rub It Off

Once you have left the cloth soaked in WD-40 for a few minutes, you need to rub the stain off. Pick up a cloth and dip it in water. Next, rub the area soaked with WD-40 thoroughly so the coffee stain could be removed easily. Hopefully, you find that you are not using too much elbow grease. 

Throw It into Washing

 WD-40 might be wonderful for removing stains but it is not suitable for other activities that MIGHT involve human contact. Once you have gotten rid of the stain, throw the cloth into the washing machine, and wash the surface down well. It’s better to be safe.

Dry It Off

Let the surface dry in sunlight and there you have it. It’s not so hard to remove coffee stains. For all the coffee lovers out there – enjoy your coffee. WD-40 is there for you when you next have a coffee accident.

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