Our Project Home-Tips & Tricks can help you quickly elevate your room without you having to put in a lot of work. We want you to save money and be happy, so enjoy these tips and tricks for your soon to be awesome room. 


  1. Dramatic Curtains

No room is complete without dressing up windows. This is where curtains come in. They can change the entire appearance and feel of the room. Whether you want to go for dark or light colours, they each make a statement. Choose what works for you but if you want more light, then go for lighter colours.

  1. Pile on the Pillows

Project Home: The Many Ways You Can Bedazzle Your Room

Who doesn’t like pillows? They add a feeling of comfort and cosiness to the room. Pile on the pillows and cushions to create a warm feeling in your room. Don’t shy away from mixing colours and patterns as they add to the overall look of the room. You can also combine floral and geometrics, small and large prints, bright and pastel colours to create the perfect look for you.

  1. Prints on Accent PiecesProject Home: The Many Ways You Can Bedazzle Your Room

Prints are not just reserved for your bedcovers and pillows. You can also use them on accent pieces such as a modern resting lampshade. Choose a pattern or design that goes with the other features of your room. Or don’t – just go with what bedazzles you. Let your creativity flow and you will see how incredible the finished look will be.

  1. Make it Comfortable

Your bedroom, above all other things, should be comfortable. While you are adding different décor elements to your room, you want to make it comfortable for yourself. Top your bed with bed covers to make it more snuggly. You can also play around with the colours and patterns in your bed covers and comforter covers to add some oomph to your bedding. For total comfort and premium indulgence, you might want to try some super soft comforters.

  1. Introduce Pops of ColourProject Home: The Many Ways You Can Bedazzle Your Room

If you are not set for an all-out commitment to colours, you can still inject some hints of it to your room. Use art and accessories to add some colour and fun elements to your room. This can be done using fancy coloured pillows, a brightly coloured painting, coloured bed covers, and cushions. Just make sure to keep it balanced.

  1. Pay Attention to the Floor

Do not forget the floor in your project home! If the room looks too dull, not to worry. You can throw in a colourful rug to add a burst of colour. The way you decorate is all down to your preference. There is so much variety so have fun with it. Decorating can be a lot of fun. It’s all about style so know what yours is before you start this project. Let those creative juices flow.

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