For a clean home, you require a variety of essential products. You need to create a home cleaning kit made up of essential products. Some of the home cleaning products you require include dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, mirror cleaner, glass cleaner, and disinfectant. Here are some other products you require to ensure a clean home:


  • Furniture Polish for a Clean Home

You require furniture polish to shine your wooden furniture. A premium quality furniture polish will decrease watermarks and return the shine back into the wood.


  • Limescale Remover 

Do you spend hours scrubbing at limescale? Don’t put yourself through the torture of scrubbing hours on end when you use a limescale remover instead. Spray it around taps, shower screens, and draining boards. If you don’t want to buy an over-the-counter product to remove limescale, cut a lemon in half, rub it onto limescale for 30 minutes, and wipe clean. 


  • Microfiber Cloths for a Clean Home

Add a microfiber cloth to your home cleaning kit. These cloths remove dust and debris, as they are much finer than cotton. This allows you to reach crevices for removing marks, dust, and grime from surfaces. 


  • Rubber Gloves for a Clean Home

Rubber gloves need to be a part of your home cleaning kit. You don’t want to touch any grimy surfaces or chemicals. The gloves will protect your hands, allowing you to clean your home with ease.


  • Sponges for a Clean Home

Add sponges to your home cleaning kit if you haven’t already. You can have separate sponges for the kitchen and bathroom, as using the same sponge for both parts of your home is unhygienic. You can use large and small sponges, one for each room; one with a soft side and one with an abrasive side.


  • Cleaning Wipes for a Clean Home

Cleaning wipes are not only a convenient option but also a practical option. You can use a cleaning wipe to clean toilet seats and dirty surfaces. By using a cleaning wipe, you reduce the risk of germs spreading and transferring to other areas of the house or on you. They also allow you to collect dust and hair. 


  • Lint Roller for a Clean Home

If you have pets such as a cat or dog at home, you probably see their fur everywhere. You see their fur on the sofas, carpets, and chairs. To remove their fur, use a lint roller. You can also use a lint roller to clean lampshades.


  • Squeegees 

For your bathroom, use squeegees. Once you have cleaned the shower screen, tiles, and tray, use a squeegee to wipe them down. Doing so will remove any leftover residue and prevent watermarks. 

Create your own home cleaning kit by adding all these essential products to it so you can clean your home effectively, efficiently, and quickly. 

There are so many benefits to having a clean home. 

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