Getting the jacket zipper stuck when you need it the most, or wondering why you didn’t notice the rusty zip on your backpack before putting everything in – we’ve all been there. We know the frustration. Yanking the zipper back and forth will only threaten to tear the fabric around it. Constantly buying new things just because the zipper gets stuck isn’t the wisest option.

Let us understand why do zippers get stuck? Rust, dust, and debris are some of the reasons. Knowing what to do when the zipper situation arrives can come in handy.

Here are some simple ways to lubricate stuck zippers of all types:

Bar of soap, crayon wax, candle, or a graphite pencil

Simple ways to lubricate stuck zippers of all types

What do these objects have in common? They’re easily available in your home (even at stores) at all times and have the same method of application when it comes to getting zippers unstuck. Here’s how:

Step 1. Make sure you pick a crayon/bar of soap/candle that doesn’t leave color residue

Step 2. Slide it over and under the zipper, on either side

Step 3. Try sliding the zipper up and down

Step 4. If it doesn’t work immediately, repeat step 3 and 4

This solution unfortunately doesn’t deal with the root cause of rust and dirt build-up, but it does temporarily lubricate zippers effectively.

 Petroleum jelly or colorless lip balm

Simple ways to lubricate stuck zippers of all types

We kid you not, these two things are not just useful in the vanity kit, but also when it comes to saving the day by helping the zippers slide smoothly. Here’s how:

Step 1. Take a bit of petroleum jelly with your finger or a brush

Step 2. Apply it over and under the zipper carefully, without letting it get onto the fabric

Step 3. Try and slide the zipper across

Step 4. Wash your hands with warm soapy water to get the petroleum jelly off completely

This solution, although a great lubricant, doesn’t do away with the majority of accumulated dirt, nor is it able to clear up rust.


Simple ways to lubricate stuck zippers of all types

One of the best lubricants and cleaning agents, WD-40 gets the job done on all kinds of stuck zippers. Here’s how you use it:

Step 1. Hold the zipper at a short distance from the WD-40 can

Step 2. Aim the nozzle at the stuck zipper and spray

Step 3. Wait for a few seconds and try again if required

You should be able to use the zipper smoothly in a couple of seconds.

What’s the difference between this solution and the rest? WD-40 displaces water, which means it will keep your metal zipper free from rust for some time with its protective coating. That’s honestly a great value addition.

Cleaning your zipper with a proper cleaning agent can prevent it from jamming and oxidizing. Doing it regularly helps extend the zipper’s life, and majorly cuts down on all the frustration over a jammed one. Now, who wouldn’t want some of that?