Most of us live in areas with high humidity levels and therefore experience a lot of rust to all of the metal objects around the house. The appliances start to rust and corrode. Metal structures get weak due to corrosion and moving parts sometimes get jammed. This jamming does not only occur because of the rust and does not necessarily happen in the areas with high moisture.

Jams can also occur because of poor lubrication and if dust and dirt have built up too much in the moving parts. The buildup on the moving parts can cause friction between them making it difficult for them to move freely. Sometimes the situation gets worse when the dirt mixes with the lubrication agents and forms sludge.

This can happen to any machinery or any equipment at home or outside. Within car engines, on bicycle chains, door hinges, wheels or pulleys, etc. Slide locks are no exception. Like every other moving part, they too need continuous lubrication, and if you keep them deprived of it, they will get stiff or might even get difficult to slide. In worst conditions, they would jam and make it nearly impossible for you to lock or unlock the door, window or anything that they are protecting.

How to Clear the Jam

This step might seem a little difficult but it is not as tricky as it seems. Here are a few things that you would need for the procedure, along with their purpose and why would you need them in this particular step.

  • Gloves — to protect your hands from the dirt and grease. Gloves would also ensure safety so that you do not cut your hand or hurt yourself while hammering.
  • WD-40 Spray Can – WD-40 is a multipurpose spray. It clears out the jams, takes out the grime and sludge. It also takes away the rust and helps in lubrication.
  • A hammer – if the jam is too bad, you might have to hammer the slide lock a bit in order to make it free or to loosen it.
  • A toothbrush – toothbrush will help get off the dust and grime while you are spraying the WD-40.

In addition to these, you can also keep a clean cloth to clean the mess you create around the lock while you clear the jam.

The Procedure

Jammed Slide Locks & How To Fix Them

Lubrication better is done before you even begin. Therefore, grab the WD-40 can and spray it in good amounts on the jammed slide lock. Make sure it enters the slits and cuts and goes as deep as it can. While you spray try moving the lock with your and see if has started to loosen out. If it has, repeat the procedure and it will eventually move making it free as before. Then you can lubricate the whole of it to ensure that it keeps functioning well.

If it does not move, you will need to make use of the hammer. Lightly hammer the slide lock in the direction of the slide and it will eventually loosen and will get free.

Lubrication of the Slide Lock

For lubrication, you can again use the WD-40 spray. Move the lock back and forth and spray it thoroughly. It will make the lock as free as new. If you need to lubricate a jammed door lock, you can also find assistance here.

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