We all love chewing gum, right? Well, the fact of the matter is that we, at times, manage to get it stuck on various surfaces. From carpets to cushions, the possibilities are endless.

Concrete is one of such surfaces that are the toughest to remove chewing gum from. However, if you follow the correct technique then it can be removed. Read below just how you can:

Rub an Ice Cube

When you first find a piece of gum stuck to concrete, you should not be using your nails to remove chewing gum. Why? Well, it is because it will do you no good. Rather, you are supposed to take an ice cube and rub it onto the gum.

The ice cube will cause the gum to harden after some time. If you are having trouble gripping the ice cube, it is recommended for you to put it into a plastic bag so that you might be able to get a better grip of it.

Scrape It Off

Once the gum has become hard enough, it is time for you to scrape it off. For this purpose, you are supposed to make use of a putty knife or anything else that might be able to do the job in a suitable manner. While trying to remove the chewing gum using this method, you would obviously want to scrape as hard as you can.

However, it is important to remember that continuous scraping has got the potential of damaging the concrete. Therefore, you have got to scrape the gum off WITHOUT damaging the concrete surface.

Use Alcohol

Did you think alcohol had only one use? Alcohol does wonders for removing the chewing gum as well. Once you have scraped the majority of the gum off, you need to apply denatured alcohol directly onto the remaining gum.

After the denatured alcohol has been applied, allow it to sit for about five minutes or so before scraping the gum off with a metal scraper again. This process is supposed be repeated until all of the gum has been removed from the concrete surface.

The Detergent Solution

Once you are done with your shenanigans using alcohol, there is a high probability of some gum still plaguing your concrete surface. Bearing this in mind, it is time now for you to go for the heavy artillery. Take a bowl and pour one cup of hot water into it. Next, pour half tablespoon of liquid dish-washing detergent to form a detergent solution.

Remember, the proportion of the solution needs to be just right, considering how it will not be able to work its magic if the proportions of the two ingredients are not absolutely perfect.

Brush It Off

Once the detergent solution is ready, you will need the services of a bristle brush. Dip the bristle brush into the bowl containing the detergent solution and scrape the remaining gum off the concrete. There is a high probability of the residue being removed from the concrete surface if things are done in the correct manner. However, if it is a bit too difficult to get the gum off, be prepared to give it a little bit of elbow greasing.

Rinse It Off

After you have used up all the elbow grease for getting rid of the gum residue from the concrete, it is time for you to rinse the affected area with clean water. Why is this important? Well, it is because it will ensure that any remnants of gum, which might still be present, are removed before they have got a chance of sticking to the surface again.

On top of that, rinsing with clean water ensures that all the alcohol and detergent that you used to remove chewing gum is removed as well, thus ensuring that the surface is as clean as it is supposed to be.

The Cheat Code

Regardless of how you might choose to look at it, it is a fact that the above stated method is a bit too much for getting a mere piece of gum off a concrete surface. I mean, you should not need to spend as much time to remove chewing gum from concrete, right? Well, what if I told you that there was a cheat code that you could use in this regard? The name of that cheat code is WD-40!

All you need to do is apply WD-40 onto the surface of the concrete (the area that had been plagued by the gum) and give it a few minutes to work its magic.

Next, pick up a scraper and use it to remove the chewing gum from the concrete surface. You will find that it is significantly easier to remove chewing gum when it has been soaked with WD-40 rather than alcohol.

Removing chewing gum from concrete is only one of the countless purposes for which WD-40 can be made use of.

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