From heavy rains to snow storms—winter boots have to go through a lot. There’s every probability of your boots looking a mess once the winter season folds. However, is there a way to prevent that from happening? Yes, there is! Here are a few tips to ensure that your winter boots last until the end of the season, at least:

How to Prepare Your Boots for the Snow

Make an Informed Buying Decision

The first step of preparing your boots for snow comes with the purchasing of your boots. What does that mean? Well, it means that you should purchase such boots for winters that are actually made for the winter season. If live in a place where the winters are very wet and it snows a lot then purchasing boots that are made up of suede, for example, is one of the most uninformed decisions that you can make. Why? Well, it’s because moisture and salt stains will ensure that your suede boots are unable to see the end of even a single winter season.

If you’re still looking to wear suede boots in the winters then ensure that you’re not wearing them out when it’s going to rain or if there’s a lot of snow lying around on the footpaths. The best way to go about purchasing your boots for winters is to conduct your own research on which kind of boots will be able to give you the best value for your buck!

Weather Proof Your Boots

Regardless of the choice of boots that you make, it’s advisable for you to protect your investment by weather-proofing them. This can be done by the use of preventatives. There are a number of preventatives that are available out in the market that can be applied to your boots for the purpose of weather-proofing them. Protecting aerosol sprays are one of the alternatives that can be used for this purpose. Spraying aerosol onto your boots before going out will improve the chances of your boots not developing spots on their surfaces through the exposure to water or salt. Oils, waxes and other rubs are also used for this purpose, for they form a protective layer over the surface of your boots. There are other protective agents, also, that can be used to prevent your shoes from falling apart.

However, it’s important to remember that all preventatives have not been created equally. For the sake of your boots, it’s advisable for you to do your research and find the best preventative for your boots. Another common preventative is WD-40! Yes, that’s right; you can weatherproof your boots with WD-40. Give your boots a coating of WD-40 and it’ll act as a barrier to ensure that water is unable to penetrate the material of your boots. This will help to stop your boots from being ruined by any moisture that they might come into contact with. If you find it too good to be true, try WD-40 on a small spot of your boots and see for yourself!

Remember To Clean the Salt and Stains

Do you live in a neighborhood where salt is used to prevent a buildup of snow? If the answer is yes, then it’s of utmost importance that you get rid of any remnants of salt, which the boots might have picked up on your travels, as soon as you get home. Why is this so important? Well, it’s because salt marks not only taint the appearance of your boots but weaken the material as well. And what’s worse is that unless the salt is removed, the metallic parts of your boots (if any) stand at a risk of rust.

While much of the fuss can be escaped if you remember to give your boots a coating of WD-40 before going out into the cold, the true magic of WD-40 lies in how it’s able to annul your mistakes. What this means is that in addition to weather-proofing your boots, WD-40 can also help remove any salt or salt stains that might exist on the surface of your boots. All you need to do is spray WD-40 wherever the salt stains might exist, give it some time to work its magic and then wipe your boots with a clean rag.

Keep the Boots All Cleaned Up

Regardless of how much care you might exercise with your boots, the fact of the matter is that they are expected to undergo some wear and tear, depending upon the conditions that they’re exposed to. To reduce this wear and tear, as much as possible, it’s advisable for you to clean your boots as soon as you get home. A regular wipe down with a rag or a piece of cloth is bound to get most of the dirt and grit off of your boots, extending their useful life in the process. Or if your boots are made up of leather (lucky you!) make sure that you remember to polish them often. Proper maintenance can add years to the life of your winter boots.

The Magic of WD-40

As you have seen by now, WD-40 is a great product for the purpose of preparing your boots for going out into the snow. WD-40 is not only effective in preventing the damage from occurring in the first place, but it can also do wonders for taking care of the damage once it has taken place.

With a little bit of passion for maintenance and a can of WD-40, you can be sure that your boots will be ready for any snow storm that they might come into contact with!