There are different kinds of doorknobs. If you are a maintenance freak, you will obviously be concerned about having clean doorknobs, am I right? After all, nobody enjoys having to touch dirty doorknobs whenever they need to open or close a door.

However, when you speak of cleaning different kinds of doorknobs, the required technique depends a whole lot upon the kind of doorknob that you have got. Bearing this in mind, here is an account of cleaning techniques that could work for your different doorknobs.

Keep Your Doorknobs Clean – Cleaning Stainless Steel Doorknobs

Stainless steel doorknobs require the greatest amount of care, on your pursuit for clean doorknobs. Bearing this in mind, it is essential for you to know the best ways to clean your stainless steel doorknobs.

You are not supposed to be using any bleaching agents, whatsoever, for cleaning your stainless steel doorknobs. On top of that, the usage of chlorine-based products is out of the question as well. It is imperative for you to keep your hands off the steel wool unless of course, you wish for the appearance of your doorknob to be completely tarnished. The cleaning job should not involve the usage of hard water either.

The best manner for effectively cleaning doorknobs that are made up of stainless steel is to soak a soft cloth in a mixture of soap and water. Once that is done, rinse the doorknob with clean water and you will find it to be significantly cleaner.

However, this does not mean that the entire gunk will be taken care, for some of the stubborn residues will still remain on the doorknob. For more effective results, make use of a mixture that comprises of olive oil and vinegar in equal parts.

Keep Your Doorknobs Clean – Cleaning Silver Plated Doorknobs

There are few sights in the world that can beat what the sight of glistening silver has got to offer, right? As there are different kinds of doorknobs, bear in mind the silver plated ones. The appearance of silver is quite easily tarnished, meaning that it is extremely easy for you to end up with tarnished doorknobs in absolutely no time at all.

There are several ready-made products, available in the market to clean these doorknobs. However, if you want to save yourself money then follow the following steps:

Take a disposable aluminium tray and place your doorknob inside it (it will have to be separated from the door, of course). Once that is done, fill the tray with one cup of baking soda and boiling water. Leave it aside for a few minutes and you will find the tarnish and residue to have melted away. Once the doorknob has cooled down, shine it with a soft cloth and it should appear good as new.

Keep Your Doorknobs Clean – Cleaning Pewter Doorknobs

Most people do not know how to clean pewter doorknobs. People try so hard, with damp cloths in their hands, to clean them but they end up failing every time.

If you wish to clean doorknobs made of pewter the right way, you do not need a cloth; rather you need a cabbage for effective cleaning of your pewter doorknob. All you need to do is take the external leaves of cabbage and rub them all over the surface of the doorknob.

Firmly rubbing the external cabbage leaves over the surface of your pewter doorknob, the dirt and gunk should be removed. Once that is done, buff the doorknob up with a soft cloth. It’s that simple.

The Magical WD-40

There are various cleaning techniques for different kinds of doorknobs. After all, the usage of cabbage for cleaning doorknobs is not something that you choose to do on a whim, right?

The easiest and fastest way to clean your doorknobs is to use WD-40. All you need to do is spray WD-40 onto a soft cloth and rub your doorknob with it. Regardless of what the doorknob might be made up of, you can be sure for it to be as good as new once WD-40 is done with it.

WD-40 has made it significantly easier for homeowners to clean doorknobs.