How To Keep Garden Tools Rust Free

Do you love gardening? Gardening is a popular hobby and you will find many backyards with at least one patch, container or a pot with something growing in it. You are surely going to pay a lot of attention to your plants but do you pay attention to your gardening tools as well? To keep garden tools rust free and functioning for a long time, it is important to protect them. One of the main problems when it comes to garden tools is rust. As garden tools are made of metal, when they come into contact with moisture it can cause them to rust over time. If you want to save yourself the ordeal of buying new garden tools every season, follow these guidelines.

Store them Safely

The first tip to keep garden tools rust free is to store them safely. The biggest enemy of garden tools after they have been extensively used is the exposure to external elements. While it may seem tempting to leave the tools out, just don’t do it. Not storing the garden tools at the right place in the right manner is the number one reason of them getting rusty. Water and moisture is the main reason garden tools get rusty. Therefore, make sure you don’t leave them in the open and store them in a shed that is free from moisture and water, and is cool and dry. Also, good air circulation in the shed to prevent rust, mold and mildew from growing on the tools.

Keep the Garden Tools Clean

Soil has a lot of moisture content which encourages rust. Thus, if you put your tools in storage after cleaning them thoroughly, you are going to keep them safe from rust. Cleaning is also a great way to prevent seeds, bits of weed roots and several soil-borne diseases from being transferred from one place to another. Before you put the tools away for storage, make sure you wash off any soil with water. Or you can scrape it off using a putty knife. This will help in removing any resins or plant saps from the tools making them safe from rust. Also, make sure you dry the tools before keeping them in storage. As even a hint of moisture can lead to rust on the garden tools making them less effective for future use.

Use the Right Products

While cleaning the garden tools, drying and storing them in the right place is necessary to keep the tools rust free, you need to do something more. An effective way to help your garden tools remain safe from rust is to cover them with a protective coating. Most of the metal tools will do great with a thin coating of oil. This will allow you to give your tools a protective coat before you put them away. A great product when it comes to preventing your garden tools from getting rusty is WD-40® Multi-Use Product. This product is specially made to prevent corrosion and rust and to protect garden tools. It penetrates the tools, gets rid of all the moisture and provides the right amount of lubrication to help keep garden tools rust free. These products are a must-have in your shed!

Clean the Rust Right Away

If you see some rust on your garden tools, it is important to clean it right away to prevent it from damaging the rest of the tool. You can use emery cloth or a wire brush to remove rust from the metal parts. You can also use oily sand to rub it away. Whatever you do to clean the rust from your garden tools and protect garden tools, just make sure you do it as soon as you notice rust growing on the tools. What if you delay for too long? The rust will grow to other parts of the tools and it will become difficult to clean them then.


Rust and corrosion is one of the main problems when it comes to garden tools. It weakens the garden tools and makes them unfit to be used in the future. It’s important to take care of the things mentioned above to protect garden tools from rust for long life. To make things easier, make sure you keep WD-40 products in your shed all the times. You can kill the rust there and then and keep the tools safe in the storage for more than a year. It is important to protect garden tools from rust as it will damage the tools beyond repair and you will have to invest in new tools every season which is a very costly affair to handle.