How to Get Rid of Chewing Gum from Clothes

Chewing gum is a public enemy when it comes to laundry terms. It is like an evil glue that gets into the fabric of the cloth and instils itself so well that it refuses to let go of the clothing. The evil gums find a way to your clothing and refuse to budge even if your children do not chew them. It is always handy to know how to get rid of gum from your clothing because you never know when it will strike next. Working on removing chewing gum from your clothes is much like trying to make a toddler let go of a toy. The key to winning the battle against the gum is to loosen its grip before removing it.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to remove chewing gum from clothes.

1.     Freeze it Off

This is perhaps the most widely used method of getting rid of chewing gum from clothes. The trick is simple: take a piece of ice cube and rub it on the gum until it has hardened completely. Once it is hard enough, use a blunt knife, paint scraper or a spoon to lever it off quickly before it begins to warm-up again. If you want to speed things up, you can put ice cubes on both sides of the cloth with the gum sandwiched in between.

Alternatively, if you have a freezer which is not already crammed up with forgotten leftovers and family meals, you can put the piece of clothing in a plastic bag and put in the freezer for a few hours until the gum on it becomes solid. When folding the garment, make sure the part with the gum is exposed and is on the outside of the fold. This will also prevent the gum from sticking to the other parts of the garment. Be gentle on the frozen gum as you remove it from the garment. You do not want to harm the garment, therefore, go easy on it when scraping off the gum.

The freezing method works best on the clothes that are dry clean only. Once you have removed the gum using the freezing method, you should take the piece of clothing to your professional dry cleaner to remove the stain if there is any.

2.     Using Heat to Remove Chewing Gum from clothes

If there is nothing available to freeze the gum, you can blast heat from an indirect source to the garment to remove chewing gum. You can use heat from a hairdryer to melt the gum without taking a toll on the clothes. When you see the gum melting, peel it off from the clothes. The gum may be pretty hot, therefore, it is recommended to wear gloves or a plastic bag first before putting your hand on the melted gum.

When the gum is removed from the clothes, treat the spot using an equal mixture of white distilled vinegar and liquid washing soap. Rub this mixture gently at the spot and let it sit in the fabric for fifteen minutes at least. Once done, wash the garment like you usually do it. Before drying, check the stain and if it is still there, treat it again as above. It will get rid of the stain and the clothes will be as good as new.

3.     Using Iron to Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes

Place clean cardboard on an ironing board or a flat surface. Now place the piece of garment on which the gum has stuck with the gum-side down on the top. Iron the garment on the back on medium heat. Too much heat will make the gum turn into a sticky mess. Too low heat will not be enough to melt the gum. Once the gum has melted, it will stick to the cardboard and you can gently peel the garment away from the cardboard leaving the gum behind without creating any mess.

4.     The Best Method

If you have a chewing gum stuck to your clothes, the easiest and hassle-free method of removing it is using WD-40. This multi-use spray has so many uses that having it at your home is nothing less than a necessity. Just spray a little amount of WD-40 onto the chewing gum and it will easily come off. It is a quick method to remove chewing gum from clothes. Plus you don’t have to wait for it to become hard like the freezing method or wait for it to melt like necessary in case of using the heating method.

5.     Removing Chewing Gum from Carpet

To remove chewing gum from carpet, you can use the ice bag technique to freeze it and harden the gum. It will harden the gum and will not wet the carpet too. Once the gum has hardened, scrape it off using something with a dull edge like a spoon.

If there is a spot left after removing chewing gum, treat it with a mixture of equal parts of white distilled vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Take a soft bristled brush and rub the mixture on the spot. Let the mixture sit on the stain for about fifteen minutes. Once done, use a clean white cloth dipped in plain water to blot the area clean. All the mixture will be transmitted to the white cloth and your carpet will be left stainless. Air dry the carpet and then vacuum to fluff the fibres of the carpet.