Every office and study room is incomplete without a rolling chair. It helps you reach different parts of the room without too much effort and is a staple of these environments.
But due to heavy use, debris and dust inevitably get stuck in the wheels, leading to an uncomfortable motion coupled with an annoying squeaking sound. If not taken care of soon, the debris could eventually lead to permanent damage to your favorite rolling chair rendering it unusable. Don’t want to see your favorite chair wobble or get ruined?
Here are ways you can use everyday items to clean and maintain your rolling chair.

Things you’ll need to clean rolling chair wheels:

How to clean the wheels of a rolling chair?

  1. Your favorite rolling chair
  2. Tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Brush
  5. WD-40
  6. Wiping Cloth
  7. Towel or a sheet

Step 1:

Lay your sheet down and put your chair on top of it. 

Step 2:

Separate the wheels of your chair by either pulling them apart or unscrewing them. 

Step 3:

Use the various tools you have to clean the debris from the wheels one by one.

Cut some tape to a size that can fit inside the wheel, put the sticky part on the inside so all the little bits of debris and dust stick on it, and when you remove the tape, the dust and debris come off with it.

Then, a brush must be used, be careful in selecting the brush. Find a size that can clean the inside of the wheel and scrub all the debris out.

These methods may work, but they might not get all the dust from inside your wheel and may leave a significant chunk of debris behind. While convenient, these methods may not be sufficient to remove the blockage completely and restore the chair to its former quiet rolling.

To restore the functionality of the chair in such circumstances after removing the larger debris, use some WD-40. Spray it inside each wheel and wipe away any excess with a dry wiping cloth. Test roll the wheels until you feel they’re rolling as they should, and then reattach them to your chair. Now you may get back to work without the squeaky or wobbliness. For longer-lasting wheels, use WD-40 on them every now and then.