Home is where you’re at rest. But where there are dirt and dust, there is no rest.
We’re sure you clean your homes well. Floors and cabinets, spick and span. But those corners can be hard to reach. The enclosed spaces, behind the appliances, inside the cabinets, the corners of the room, can gather dirt and grime over time. This builds up, forming a layer over the surface, ruining your space’s look, emitting a foul smell, and messing up the hygiene.
But not to worry, with a little scrub-n-dub, those hard to reach spaces will be squeaky clean in no time.
Here are some ways you can clean those enclosed spaces:

Things you’ll need to clean enclosed spaces: 

How to Clean Enclosed Corners and Spaces?

  1. Steamer
  2. Towel/tissue 
  3. Toothbrush 
  4. Vinegar
  5. Soap/ Dishwashing liquid
  6. WD-40

The space behind the fridge and other appliances 

Since these appliances are never moved, over time, grime and grease can build up under the fridge. Mopping and using a broom can work, but once you look at the dirt built up, you’ll realize a clean up is due. 

Now scrubbing straight away may not completely get rid of the dirt. Using a steamer on the dirt can melt and penetrate the dirt a bit. Direct some steam on the dirt for a couple of minutes and scrub clean with a toothbrush to clean the enclosed spaces. 

The cabinets and cupboards corners 

Whether it’s showpieces or kitchen cabinets, the corners can always gather dust. With the things or vessels kept inside, the back of the cabinets is still hard to reach.

Mix some warm water and dishwashing liquid, and soak a towel in it. Now scrub and rub the corners of the cabinets or cupboards clean. After the dirt has been wiped, dry the surface with a dry cloth. 

Floor stains and corners 

Over time, gas cylinders, chairs, and beds can leave stains or dirt circles on the floor. These can’t simply be brushed clean, as rust stains and wood stains are harder to get out. Mix 1 part vinegar and water together. Soak a tissue in this solution and scrub the stains clean. 

Now all these remedies may not guarantee 100% stain or dirt removal. But for complete grime removal, WD-40 is a handy option. All it needs is a tissue to wipe clean, and you can bid farewell to over-the-years build-up or stains. 

Pro-tip: An air purifier will prevent dust accumulation over time.