Most people don’t realize this, but bikes are a part of home maintenance. They are not exactly part of your home, but you do use them for transportation. You need to maintain your bike parked at home in your garage or chained outside in your yard.

One of the most vital parts of your bike is its handlebar grip. You either need to replace its current handlebar grip or install one on it. Today, you are going to learn how to install rubber hand grips on your bike.

Why Use Rubber Hand Grips?

Rubber handgrips provide you with a snug fit. They do not move out of place, given you have properly installed them on your bike. The widely-available rubber handgrips are tight-fitting. When you are riding your bike, they will not fall off, but stay in place. The real challenge lies in installing them on the bike’s handlebar without ripping and tearing them. If you use excessive force to put them on, they will tear and rip. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Home Maintenance:  Steps to Installing Rubber Hand Grips on Your Bike

First, you will need to use a good lubricant to slide them on your bike’s handlebar with ease. You can use WD40 to lubricate the rubber handgrips and then place them on the handlebar. Once you have the WD40, follow these steps to install the rubber hand grips on your bike:

1.    Remove Old Rubber Hand Grips

Using a utility knife, cut a slit in the old rubber hand grips on your bike. This will remove the old handlebar grips from the bike completely.

2.    Clean the Handle

Wipe the handlebar clean to remove any residue left on it. Clean the surface and dry it with a cloth.

3.    Spray WD40 on the Interior of the Rubber Handle Grip

Spray WD-40 on the inside of the rubber handle grip and slide the grip onto the bike’s handlebar with ease. Don’t pull on the grips, but push them onto the handle. By pushing them into place, the grip’s opening will enlarge, allowing you to put it on the handlebar easily. Position the rubber hand grip exactly where you want to place it, facing the correct direction. Since the grip is still wet from the inside, you can reposition it, if necessary.

4.    Allow the Rubber Hand Grips to Dry Completely

Before you can use your bike, you need to let the rubber handgrips dry completely. You can do this by using a dry cloth to wipe off the excess product. Once the rubber handgrips dry, you can ride your bike without worrying about them falling off the bike’s handlebar.

If you are thinking of doing some home maintenance, add your bike to your to-do checklist.

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