Wearing a brand new pair of sneakers is a great feeling, right? The problem is all it takes is less than a week to get them dirty, especially if they are white. And that is when you start thinking to yourself, how do I clean them up? Well, don’t you worry, we have effortless, simple tricks and tips to clean your sneakers and make them look as good as new.

What you’ll need to clean your sneakers:

Clean Your Sneakers Easily With WD-40!

Here are a few steps to clean your sneakers:

Step 1:

Clean Your Sneakers Easily With WD-40!

This is pretty simple. Use a small brush and remove any visible dirt from the outsole, midsole, and uppers.

Step 2:

Clean Your Sneakers Easily With WD-40!

Now it’s time to clean the shoes with a cleaning solution. Mix mild soap with water. Soak the soft cloth in the solution and start cleaning the surface of your shoes. You’d be surprised by the amount of debris that can get stuck in your shoes. Remove all the dirt, stains from the insides for the odor, outside and from the bottom of your shoes.

Step 3:

Clean Your Sneakers Easily With WD-40!

Use the Q-tip to clean the tip of the laces and soles. You can also soak the Q-tip in the soap water and clean.

Step 4:

Clean Your Sneakers Easily With WD-40!

If you have white sneakers, using just soap water won’t be enough.

Now, some peskier stains will be difficult to remove. You’ll need a quick fix that can do the job in a minute.
Spray some WD-40 multi use product on the outer area of your shoes, on your laces and soles, and wipe them off with a soft cloth. WD-40 multi use product will ensure your shoes look like you’ve just bought them from the store and protect them during the monsoon season.

It’s extremely important to regularly clean your sneakers to prevent them from getting clogged with dirt and avoiding odor.