Do it Yourself (DIY) allows you to work independently. There are many DIY home projects to look forward to. Every year, new DIY home décor trends grace the pages of magazines. Instead of flipping through magazines to find out the top five DIY trends, you can find them here. Here are five DIY trends you need to know about:

   Do It Yourself Trend #1:  Colorful Kitchen

You can add colour to your kitchen, making it lively and exciting. Move away from the blacks and whites and opt for colorful kitchen. Choose warm tones such as neutral blue and rich mahogany to induce a warm and inviting environment. If you have word art on the walls of your kitchen, it is time to express yourself in another way. Word art on walls have gone out of fashion.

Do It Yourself Trend #2:  Colorful Home

Why only make the kitchen colorful and not your entire home? You can add colour to your living space by choosing warm tones of blue and red. You don’t have to go for yellow or pink, unless that’s what you like, but can go for warmer colours instead. If you prefer warmer tones, you can pair neutral colours with warmer tones. Check out something similar here.

  Do It Yourself Trend #3:  Beautiful Floral Fabrics

You don’t have to go out and buy floral pillows and sofas, Instead you can get floral fabric, replacing the existing fabric with it. You will find a ton of floral fabrics in the market for your pillows and sofas. If you want, you can choose floral wallpaper for the walls and even decorate your house with flowers and floral-patterned home décor.

DIY Trend #4:  Geometric Sofas and Pillows

Boring, solid colour sofas and pillows are out and geometric sofas and pillows are in. You don’t have to go out and buy geometric sofas and pillows, but you can get new fabric for them. If your living room is looking a little dull and boring these days, you can add brightness to it by choosing polka dot pillows and sofas for your living space. It will change the entire look of your living space, making it look playful, exciting, and fun.

DIY Trend #5:  Modern Doors

If you have a barn door installed in your home, it is time to start thinking of replacing it. Even though barns doors keep going in and out of style, they are definitely out in the year 2018. If you have opted for other DIY home décor trends, your barn door will not complement them, but take away from their glamour.

If you have been looking for ways to make your home décor look more current, you can try one of the trends mentioned here.

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