Finally, with the squeaky doorsSqueaking doors rob the resident of every inhabitant. Particularly in older houses or old apartments, this problem occurs. As soon as a door is opened or closed, it squeaks and creaks. To create a quick remedy is therefore advisable. With a suitable lubricant, every door is easy to handle. A squeaky door does not have to be a problem.

Why is there a squeak in the door?

At the beginning, it may still be quite funny. But at some point the squeaky door becomes a problem. The creaking comes in most cases from the hinges. If you open the door slowly and close and listen carefully, you can locate the sound. Due to the frequent use of the door over many years, the lubrication layer has been removed. Metal is now rubbing on metal. The squeaky door is heard in the whole apartment.

What helps against a squeaky door?

When a door squeaks, of course, it must be quickly solved. Since it is obvious that there is no lubrication layer, you have to apply a new lubricant. As an emergency measure, simple budgetary means can be used here. This may be an edible oil such as rapeseed oil or olive oil. It can be inserted into the groove of the hinge with a tip or a knife tip. Alternatively, of course, the classic WD-40 multifunctional product. This creeps to the place to be lubricated and prevents its smearing property further squeaking noises. Apart from that, there are special lubricants, which are also suitable for lubricating the hinges and promise long-term lubrication. They are easy to spread and adhere well. They help effectively against a squeaky door. A good long-term effect is given here.

Maintain the door hinge with WD-40 if greasing the hinges is not sufficient

Sometimes it is not enough to introduce new lubricants. It may be that deposits or rust have formed in the hinge. You can try to push the door slightly upwards by means of a screwdriver and suitable support so that the lubricant can be better inserted. Sometimes the door must also be unhooked. This is the only way the hinge can be thoroughly cleaned, treated with a rust-proof cleaner and, if necessary, treated with some abrasive paper. With these measures, every squeaking door can be silenced.

Finally, with the squeaky doors

Preventive measures

So that a door does not start to squeal, you should take preventive measures. A few minutes of care a year suffice here. When exposed to weather, it is better to look a little more often. So the dust from the hinges should be removed with the vacuum cleaner. If the door is not as easy as usual, you can add some lubricant before the door starts to squeak. This may be a creep oil or WD-40. This also effectively prevents rusting of the hinges. When buying a new door, you should pay attention to the good quality of the door fittings as a precaution.