Lifehacks are great. They make your life much easier. With the right DIY tips, you can do just about anything and save a lot of your precious time. Here are some clever DIY tips that make home décor and renovation easy and fun.

Painting the walls of your house?

DIY Tips to Try When You Feel Like Doing Something

Do not waste water by washing the rollers and brushes each time you complete a coat and wait for the next. Instead, you can wrap the brush tightly in some plastic cling film which will help it stay moist even if you leave it overnight.

Unable to cut a straight line when cutting fabrics?

Tease a thread free from the fabric and then pull it out completely to form a straight line that you can follow to cut the fabric straight. This works great for linen and cotton fabrics.

Tired of a squeaky door?

DIY Tips to Try When You Feel Like Doing Something

Spray some WD-40 on the door hinges, this should sort it out. Watch out for the drips though!

Don’t like the overbearing smell of paints?

A great DIY tip is to add some teaspoons of vanilla essence to about 1 and a half liters of paint. It will reduce the smell and hopefully keep you at ease.

Find it difficult to thread a needle?

DIY Tips to Try When You Feel Like Doing Something

You can do it easily by squirting the thread with hairspray. It will make the thread stiff and easy to put through the needle hole.

Want the screws to stay in their place?

To prevent screws from coming loose, add a drop or two of clear nail polish to the hole before you go on and finish tightening the screws. This will keep the screws in place and will prevent them from loosening up over time.

So, the rugs keep slipping on tiled floors?

You can keep your rugs in place by securing them with some double tape. Not only that but will stop them from slipping here and there on slippery floors.

Have old oil spills here and there?

You can use linseed oil to easily scrape them off. Rub some linseed oil soaked in cotton to the paint stains. It will soften them up and you will be able to easily scrape them off using anything mildly shaped.

Want to create a pattern on the walls?

A commonly used and highly effective DIY tip is to use masking tape to create patterns and stencils on the walls. It works everywhere and will also not leave a mark. You can go as creative with it as you like. 

Are there visible scratches on your floorboards or wood furniture?

Make a paste using instant coffee and use a little water. Rub this paste into the scratches and nicks. Be patient with it as you might have to apply a number of coats to cover the area completely. Once covered, apply some furniture polish to the area to complete the job.



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