If you are looking for some do it yourself tips for your home, below are some great DIY tasks to get stuck into.

  1. Do it Yourself: Easy Plumbing Fixes

You need to take care of the following to ensure a smooth flow of water through the pipes.

When you do not take care of what you are pouring down the drains, they will start clogging up. When you pour fatty or oily substances in the drain, they flow through the sink drain along with the warm water. But as soon as they leave the sink they cool down and start to solidify.

Therefore, it is important to never pour down oily or greasy substances down the drain such as cheese or vegetable oil. However, if you have already accidentally done it, pour hot water through the sink so that it flows farther away. You also might need to add ample dish detergent into the sink to help the build-up loosen up easily.

On the other hand, when it comes to the drains of our bathrooms, the hairs that flow down the drains are the biggest culprits. You would need to install a hair strainer in the shower drain. This is something you can do on your own. You also need to take out the strainer and clean it into the trashcan after every shower or once a day.

  1. Do it Yourself: Air Conditioner Maintenance

ACs are the most important, yet the most neglected, appliances at homes especially when it comes to maintenance. We should take regular care of them as they are the most expensive appliances to repair and even more costly to replace.

To do it yourself you first need to check the condensate line if the water is properly flowing out. Then you need to take the filters out and see if they are clean enough. Cleaning the filters is easy. Just put these under a stream of water and you are good to go. Dirty filters make the ACs do more work and also negatively affect the quality of the air indoors.

Keep the indoor and outdoor units free from dirt and debris. A dirty system has more risk of breaking down while running and also consumes more energy due to being inefficient.

  1. Do it Yourself: Rustproofing

Rustproofing is important to keep the metal equipment and appliances free from rust and ensure a long life. Using WD-40, you can also now do it yourself. Just take a can of WD-40 spray and a brush. Spray the WD-40 formula in a good amount on the object you need to remove the rust from. Always follow manufacturers guidelines before doing so.

Next, use the brush to scrub the rust off. Once you are done, rinse it with WD-40 to wash away the residue from the metal. Leave a layer of WD-40 on the item to protect it from rust.

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