Diwali is undoubtedly the biggest festival of the year all over India. People take time off to visit their families, eat loads of sweets, shop, but most importantly, Diwali cleaning takes place. From head to toe, the whole house is cleaned. 

Diwali’s decorations come out of the storage, ready to be put on once again. But what about all the dust and rust that has gathered on them through the year? And how do you clean the metal pieces? With chemicals? Here are some organic and DIY ways to clean the decorations

Now make those decorations shine like they’re supposed to. Don’t let oily stains, rust, and dirt bring down the Diwali spirit. 

Here’s all you need for Diwali cleaning: 

How to Clean for Diwali and other decorative items?

  1. Lemon juice or vinegar 
  2. Sea salt 
  3. Glass container 
  4. Aluminum foil 
  5. Baking soda 
  6. Detergent 
  7. WD-40 

Metallic pieces – Brass, copper, and bronze 

The metal idols, puja thalis, bells, etc., can rust or look dull over time. But with a simple trick, you can make them look as good as new. 

For brass and copper items, take some lemon juice mixed with sea salt and dip a piece of cloth in it. Now rub-down the tarnished or blackened metal pieces and watch them come back to life. 

For bronze items, mix some baking soda with some lemon juice and make a paste. Let the bubbles settle down, find a piece of cloth, and rub this paste on the bronze items. Rinse and dry. 

Diwali cleaning of Silver 

Have some coins? Or the tiny showpieces made of silver, which don’t look that great anymore? Boil some water and place aluminum foil in a glass container. Add baking soda and sea salt in the water, followed by vinegar, and mix. Now put the silver items into this concoction and soak for a while. All the dullness will be buffed away, and your silver pieces will be shiny as ever. 


The mallas, the lamps, and everything made of plastic can get dusty over time. Get some water mixed with detergent and wipe them down to get all the grime off. 

Now what to do about oily stains, the burned pieces with the ashy surface, and rust? That might be hard to get off with just detergent or lemon, but who wants to use chemicals? No problem, with just WD-40, you can clean all of these problems away. Whether it’s diyas, metal pieces, or the lanterns, wipe off any stains, oil, and dirt with just one swipe.