Be it making a delicious main course, or just fixing up some fries – we’ve all had our fair share of cooking experiments in the kitchen. And through it all, the chimney remains a constant companion – silently taking in the smoke and grease, and adding to the overall hygiene of the kitchen. But over time, we get used to its contribution and forget that the mesh inside needs care. 

It’s time to clean up the mesh

When was the last time you checked the chimney specifically to clean the mesh filter? We all like to clean it from the outside, but the inside matters too. By the time we realize that our chimney mesh deserves better than being left to rust and grease up, the kitchen already smells. No-one really wants that. Sure, you can call professionals to clean the chimney mesh, but why go through all that trouble and expense, when the solution is readily available? 

Clean chimney mesh right at home easily

The right tools

There are different ways to clean the same thing, and you know that. However, we are talking about getting real with the mesh while watching our budget. The objective is to avoid elaborate cleaning tools or anything of that sort. 

Here’s a general list of what you might need for cleaning the chimney mesh

  • A dry cloth
  • An old toothbrush/steel wool 
  • An effective cleaning agent (Like WD-40)
  • An apron and gloves
  • 20 minutes (depending on the build-up on the mesh)

Clean chimney mesh right at home easily

Although the common vinegar or baking soda solution might work as cleaning agents, WD-40 is practically a miracle in a can. It not only gets right under the layers of grease and muck on the mesh but also polishes and protects it for later. This is one hardware product you absolutely need in your kitchen.

Clean chimney mesh right at home easily

The 5-step procedure

  1. Wash the mesh with water, and wipe it dry
  2. Spray a layer of WD-40 all over it, and wait for about 10 minutes
  3. Scrub away the grease with the toothbrush – you will be surprised how easy this gets
  4. Wipe the mesh, and repeat the procedure if required
  5. For extra protection, spray a layer of WD-40 onto the mesh once it is clean

Clean chimney mesh right at home easily

How often should you clean your chimney mesh?

Try not to wait until it starts to smell. While WD-40 does leave a protective coating over the mesh after cleaning it, eventually, there will be a build-up of grease. Mesh filters collect dust, grease, and grime rather easily. So it is recommended that the chimney mesh is cleaned at least once a week to keep it fresh and functional.