Most of us have tile floors in our home. Clean, shiny, and light in color, they’re sturdy and sometimes cool on our feet. From time to time, we spill stuff or drop food, and a stain appears on our tile floors, running the perfect look of our tiles.
Wiping the mess up is a quick solution, but dirt and grime can accumulate in tile grouts over time. A dirt layer due to oil and moisture can also cover the tile over time, resulting in a yellowish hue. The whole look and durability of the tiles depend on the cleanup; hence some solutions are necessary to take some extra care of.
Let’s look at some solutions to clean tiles based on the types of tile you may have. 

Things you’ll need to clean tiles: 

Best Way to Clean Tiles and Remove Grime and Dirt

  1. WD-40
  2. Baking soda 
  3. Dishwashing liquid 
  4. Toothbrush 
  5. Cleaning accessories like mop and tissues

For polished tile floors: 

Avoid using acidic substances or bleach while cleaning glazed and polished tiles as they can degrade or screw up the polish. For these surfaces, use baking soda as it removes the dirt stuck in the grout without any damage. Mix some baking soda and a dishwashing liquid to form a mixture. Cover the tiles and especially the grout, leave it on for 10 minutes and scrub well with a toothbrush to get clean tiles. 

For unpolished tile floors:

Mix some vinegar and baking soda together to form a paste. Scrub this paste on the floors well, especially the grout. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wipe clean. Then mop the floors with a mixture of hot water and dish soap. This should get rid of all the dirt.

For all types:

Now you may be unsure if your tiles are unpolished or not. The remedies above will help, but the grime over time may not be completely removed. This can cause scratches and even permanent damage to your floor. There’s a simple solution for a quick cleanup without any damage to your shiny tile floor. Spray some WD-40 over your tiles and leave it on for a couple of minutes. Wipe clean with a tissue and mop away any dirt or grime.

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