All You Need To Know About Lubricating Door Hinges

Are you tired of hearing those squeaks from your doors? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for you to purchase some door lubricant. It’s a really simple procedure that doesn’t require any technicalities. Here’s how you, too, can lubricate your door hinges:

Get a Suitable Door Lubricant

When it comes to the lubrication of your door hinges, the most important thing that you’ll need is a door lubricant, right? I mean…you cannot hope to lubricate your door without it. When purchasing a door lubricant, you need to ensure that it has got the ability to penetrate the grime and coat even on the innermost surface of the door hinge’s mechanism. If your door is to continue functioning effectively, this is absolutely essential. It’s recommended for you to get a door lubricant with a thin nozzle, so that you might be easily able to access the door hinge area.

When it comes to door lubricants, the fact of the matter is that there are a number of brands available for you to choose from. However, many people will tell you that WD-40 is great to use as a door lubricant. Regardless of whether you wish to lubricate your door hinges or to lubricate something else, the fact of the matter is that WD-40 can be used effectively for the job. The WD-40 multi-use-product spray can not only be used as an effective door lubricant but for many other purposes as well.

Find and Remove the Hinge Pin

Once you’ve got your hands on the door lubricant you want to use, the next step that you need to take in the procedure is the removal of the hinge pin. The hinge pin is the pin that holds the door to the wall. The hinge pin rests between the flat plates on the hinge. This hinge pin will need to be removed and lubricated separately in order to ensure the efficient functioning of your door.

Once you’ve found the hinge pin, remove it with the aid of long pliers, by moving it in the anticlockwise direction. Considering the limited space that is available for the job, ensure that you don’t end up, accidentally, damaging your knuckles on the job. Safety first, you may want to ask someone to assist you with this! Your hinge pin, however, might be rusted or full of grease, making it difficult to remove.  Thecan be used effectively, in such a scenario, to ensure that you are able to remove the hinge pin with ease. All you need to do is blast the door hinge with the WD-40 degreaser spray and you’ll see that it will have cut through the rust and grease enough, when given adequate time, for you to easily remove the hinge pin.

Inspect the Door Hinge

Once the door hinge has been removed, you should consider inspecting it for problems. Over the course of time, door hinges not only tend to lose their shapes but become corroded as well. This is the reason why it is so important for you to perform a repair job on the hinge pin, if there’s a need. If the hinge pin appears to be bent or is very dirty and greasy, then it’d be a good idea to spend some time on its maintenance.

WD-40 can be used, effectively, for this job as well. If the hinge pin is corroded, WD-40 can be used to not only get rid of the rust but keep it protected from corrosion in the future as well. If you are to ensure the efficient functioning of your door, you’ll need to ensure that your hinge pin is well maintained and in a good condition.

Apply the Lubricant

Once the components involved in the door hinge mechanism have been separated, it is time for you to lubricate them. However, before getting to the lubricating part of things, it is recommended for you to clean the door hinge from all kinds of dirt and grime first. The WD-40 spray can be used to effectively to get rid of any grease and grime that might exist on your door hinges. To do this, apply the WD-40 spray onto the door hinges and give it a few minutes to work. After a few minutes, take a clean rag and wipe the door hinges with it. The grease should come off easily and be careful to not let the product drip down your door.

Next, it’s time to lubricate them. All you need to do is spray both of the components with the door lubricant (WD-40), until they are soaked, and then use a rag to wipe off any excess traces. The WD-40 lubricant will not only ensure that the door functions efficiently but it will also make the components resistant to corrosion. Once the job has been done, reassemble the door hinge and feel your door move seamlessly and without any squeaks or noises.

So, do you see how simple the job of lubricating your door hinge becomes with WD-40 as a door lubricant by your side? One of the major reasons why people prefer the usage of WD-40  as a door lubricant, rather than its alternatives, lies in how WD-40 can be used for a lot more than the mere lubrication of your door hinges. It truly is the spray with more than two thousand uses!