These ten tools must not be missing in any household 

At home, everyone feels most comfortable. Here, after the evening of the party, you will be refreshed, here you will feel safe and here the family is united. Therefore, every household should be equipped with everything a family needs, as well as a single person. Many people think of food and hygiene articles – but tools and other utensils are at least as important. However, this usually only occurs when a tool is needed. The search is then preprogrammed and often the end is finally asked the neighbour or a friend because the appropriate tool is missing. In order to prevent this, there are now the ten most important tools that should not be missing in any household. 

The hammer 

Whether a picture is to be hung up or a nail sticking out somewhere – a hammer is the absolute must-have for the inventory of tools. For occasional “hammering” a light hammer with a normal large head is sufficient and in addition always a clothes clip. Through these, nails can be kept at a distance and broken thumbs avoided


Once you have a screw loose, this can be changed quickly with the screwdriver. Cabinets and hinges can be stabilized quickly. There are great assemblies with different sized screwdrivers, which save space at the same time.

Cordless screwdriver 

The “all-rounder” among the tools should also be present in every household. The useful tool can screw and drill and needs only some power or a battery. 


Household tips: 10 tools for every household

WD-40 can be used for many things around the home. It can protect your tools from corrosion, loosen screws, remove crayon from walls…the list goes on.


With it, nails can be pulled, things can be compressed or pulled out easily. There are various designs from pincers to pipe tongs to electronic tongs. At least one tool of these copies should be found in each house.

Spirit Level

In order to avoid oblique pictures or hanging cabinets, the spirit level is absolutely recommended. 


For house and garden owners also a necessary tool and should not be missing. From the wood saw to the foxtail, the saw as a tool provides a great help and can save hobbyists a lot of trouble.

Cutting knife

In particular, high-quality cutter knives should be safely kept in stock in every household. Carpets, packaging, and packages can be cut quickly and effortlessly.


This tool will not be used too often in everyday life but should be available. If a screwdriver is needed unexpectedly and no one is within easy reach, it is not easy to find a screwdriver at such a moment.

Single-pole voltage tester

This tool should only be used to control the current on sockets. However, a specialist should be consulted for other work directly with electricity. Nevertheless, it is useful to have a so-called phase tester in the house.

These ten tools are merely proposals and can always be supplemented and adapted to the needs of the budget. For all tools, it is also recommended to have a set of screws and nails. Tools are not always cheap. However, you may have a higher purchase price, but you have long-term reliable and helpful tools in your household. Not is more annoying than if you need a tool and have none. Therefore, make sure you get the most necessary tools for the tool collection. In addition, of course, the right care, in order to have a long time to enjoy the tools. The WD-40 multi-use product offers a suitable cleaning agent. Apply one or two times a year for rustproofing. 

Any home can benefit from these 10 tools