Cleaning your car windows gives that classy look to your machine improves your visibility, and is essential for your safety. However, cleaning car windows without getting streaks can be challenging. The dirt and dust from the road, kid’s fingerprints or smog and smoke, chances are, your car windows would trap all that dirt. You might also have residue from stickers or stubborn adhesives that may be difficult to remove. Let’s look at some quick and easy methods to clean your window without leaving any streaks.

Cleaning supplies you would need to clean your window:

Before jumping into our methods, here’s a pro tip: When cleaning your car, make sure to clean your car windows at the end of the process. This ensures the windows don’t get stained by the dirt and grime that can come from cleaning other parts of your car.

Method 1:

Tips To Clean Your Car Window With WD-40!

Start by cleaning the front and rear windows with a mixing solution. The mixture can be equal parts of water and dish soap. Wipe the glass using a sponge with the mixing solution. Clean and wipe in different directions, so it’s easier for you to see missed spots. Now, rinse the window with clean water and use a dry microfibre cloth in up and down motion for squeaky clean windows.

Another method is by mixing water and a cupful of vinegar. Spray some vinegar mix on car windows properly and wipe the window with a microfibre cloth from corner to corner.

However, there still might be some amount of stubborn adhesive or residue from stickers that will not completely come off.

Method 2:

Tips To Clean Your Car Window With WD-40!

While all of these methods can help remove the dirt, having sparkling window glass is not that easy. You can still end up having streaks and smudges after cleaning with soap, water, or vinegar, and that’s where WD-40 multi use product comes in hand. Spray some WD-40 multi use product on your car window and wipe it off. This will also help remove any residue from stickers or adhesives. Use up-and-down wiping motions to finish off the glass, making sure windows are completely dry for a streak-free shine.  WD-40 multi use product helps displace moisture that avoids any dirt to stick to your window.