The Kinds of Bike Chain Oils You Can Choose From

The Kinds of Bike Chain Oils You Can Choose From

When you speak of owning a bike, the need for you to care for your bike chain cannot be stressed upon enough. To care for your bike chain, it needs to be lubricated with a bike chain oil. Here are some of the products that you can make use of for fulfilling this need:

Light or Dry Oil

When you speak of such a scenario where you have got to ride your bike in dry conditions, then light oil is the best option. It is because light oil is extremely effective in making its way into the bushings of your bike chain without attracting dust. What this means is that the usage of light oil as your lubricant will do wonders for the purpose of ensuring that the amount of wear and tear that occurs between the chain links is minimal.

When putting the oil on your bike chain, all you need to do is squeeze a line of oil down the chain rollers while continuously turning the bike pedal backwards. Users of light bike chain oil are bound to experience wonderful results during the dry summers. But light oil will be nothing short of useless when the weather turns cold or wet. Bearing that in mind, the fact that light oil should only be used as bike chain oil during the dry summer conditions should not come as a surprise. 

Wet Oil

We have already discussed how light oil is not supposed to be the lubricant of choice in wet conditions. So which bike chain oil are you supposed to use in wet conditions? According to experts, the usage of a thicker oil as your bike chain oil is one of the best choices that you can make when it comes to riding your bike in wet and rainy conditions. The reason for this is that its not as easily removed as light oil so will last longer in extreme conditions.

If you are one of those individuals who rides your bike is muddy conditions, then you should have a can or two of WD-40 Bike Degreaser always at hand. This will help take care of cleaning your bike chain after your ride.

WD-40 Bike Lubricants

WD-40 has a range of bike chain lubricants which can be used as per the above. Regardless of whether it is summer or winter, dry or wet, you can be certain that WD-40 Bike Lubricants has your back! Choose from WD-40 Bike Dry Lube or WD-40 Bike Wet Lube. They will lubricate your bike chains regardless of the kind of environmental and weather conditions you may have to come up against.

WD-40 also offers WD-40 Bike All Conditions Lube, for the purpose of ensuring that every bike owner is covered in all conditions!

The Kinds of Bike Chain Oils You Can Choose From