If you are a bike lover, you would be familiar with the level of attachment bike lovers have with their precious possessions! They cannot help but take excessive care of their vehicles and prevent the smallest hazards to hamper their smooth functioning. One of the most common issues faced by bike owners is that of rust build-up on the vehicle.

Building up rust on your bike affects its performance and prevents you from enjoying a smooth and carefree ride. As chains are highly vulnerable to rusting, the damage affects your riding experience and leads to a range of difficulties when you hit the road.

If you are facing difficulties in riding your bike, your immediate response should be that of checking the chain. If you prefer riding on muddy surfaces and like taking your bike on dusty adventures, you may put the smooth functioning of your vehicle into jeopardy. Frequent rides on muddy terrains without regular cleaning of the vehicle often lead to the building up of rust on the surface of the bike.

When the chain of your bike gets affected due to rust, it makes you put in the extra effort while riding it, taking out the joy from riding your bike. However, never resort to spending a fortune on purchasing a new bike due to excessive rust build-up on the vehicle. Purchasing a can of WD-40 does the trick and helps you get rid of the issue.

If your bike is going through the same issue and is suffering from rust build-up, WD-40 helps you get rid of it in a matter of minutes. All you need to do I take a can of WD-40, spray it on the affected parts, let it sit for a while, and you have your bike as good as a new one!

What Causes Rust To Build Up On Your Bike?

One of the most common causes of rust build-up is the seeping of moisture into tricky areas of the bike. Exposure to dust and moisture for a longer period of time is likely to make your bike rusty. The issue of rust build-up only increases if you ignore cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis.

If you go on forest trails and off-roading trips on a regular basis, your bike is more likely to build up rust on/around its chains and keyholes. It is always advisable to wash your bike and get rid of unwanted moisture every time you return from an adventurous trip.

What Do You Need To Remove Rust Build-up From Your Bike?

You can remove the unwanted rust build-up from your bike merely by gathering the following three articles:

  • A can of WD-40 multi-use product
  • A wire brush
  • A clean cloth

How To Remove Rust Build-up From Your Bike Using WD-40

Removing And Preventing Rust Build Up On Your Bike Removing And Preventing Rust Build Up On Your Bike

The process of cleaning rust off your bike is fairly simple and straightforward. You can remove and prevent rust build-up from your bike using WD-40 by following these simple steps:

  1. Take a can of WD-40 multi-use product and spray it directly on the affected surface
  2. Allow your bike to sit for around 10 minutes
  3. Scrub the unwanted dust from the affected areas using a wire brush
  4. Use a thin and clean cloth or rag to wipe off the residue
  5. Repeat the process until the surface is clean

Along with the chains, keyholes are also fairly vulnerable to building up rust. Moisture can find its way through almost everything, especially the keyhole of your bike. Over time, rusted keyholes cause difficulties in starting/stopping the bike. Also, they spoil the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. This causes annoyance to the riders as they are no longer able to ride the bike smoothly.

Just like cleaning the chains, you can spray WD-40 on the ignition, fuel cap, and seat release keyholes to get rid of the unwanted rut build-up on the vehicle. Just spray the liquid, let it sit for 10 minutes, and clean the surface with a thin and clean cloth to wipe off the rust.

WD-40 is an ideal option to clean your bike off the rust build-up on tricky surfaces. A single spray does the trick and allows you to wipe off the rust from the affected surface within a few minutes.

Simply cleaning the affected areas from the rust is not enough. Along with getting rid of the rust, it is important to prevent its formation in the future. As moisture leads to the formation of rust over time, it is advisable to keep moisture away by applying another coat of WD-40 on the areas that are prone to rust build-up.

If you are willing to extend the life of your vehicle and want to enjoy smooth rides for a longer period of time, it is advisable to apply a coat on the bike once every week or whenever you wash your bike. This helps you maintain your vehicle for a longer period of time and prevent the build-up of rust in the future.

Adding To The Health Of Your Bike

Once you have cleaned your bike off the rust build-up, you can further enhance its functioning by lubricating it with WD-40 chain lube. The specialist formula used in the lubricant keeps your bike up and running in all seasons, keeping its performance intact irrespective of the climate conditions.

The lubricant protects your bike from corrosion, rust, ingression, wear and tear. Applying the lubricant after cleaning the rust build-up helps you extend the life of your bike and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to keeping your bike as good as new, one of the most important tips to keep in mind is to undertake regular cleaning of the vehicle. Never get lazy while looking for the red flags and taking prompt actions against the same. WD-40 provides you with a range of products that can be used for extensive maintenance of your prized possession, letting you enjoy thrilling bike rides for a longer period of time!