Bike owners and bike lovers are often really attached to their vehicles and want to ensure longevity in their use. This makes it important to maintain the vehicle in the best way possible. If you are willing to deal with a range of different issues affecting the smooth functioning of your bike, you can do so with the help of WD-40.

Bike maintenance using WD-40 helps you extend the life of your vehicle and restore its functionality in the case of short-term and long-term defects. The range of products offered by WD-40 allows bike owners to ensure complete maintenance of their vehicles in the simplest way possible.

Here are some of the most important ways in which you can nurture your bike and maintain it for a longer period of time using WD-40:

Dealing With Rigid Footpegs

If you are someone who does not pull the footpegs of your bike down too often, they are likely to get dirty and stuck over time. With WD-40, you can service rigid footpegs at home simply by spraying the liquid on the concerned area.

Whether the footpegs are affected by rainwater, dirt, or humidity, spraying some WD-40 would help you restore its functionality and loosen the rigid footpegs within seconds.

Dealing With Rigid Bolts And Screws

Over time, the bolts, screws, and other tools of your bike are likely to become stubborn due to various reasons. For example, if your mechanic has tightened the rear axle nut a little too much, it would affect the healthy functioning of your vehicle.

If you need to loosen the bolts and screws of your vehicle, spraying some WD-40 should do the trick. Moreover, some residue of the WD-40 liquid on your bike prevents rusting of the surface and keeps it well-maintained over time.

Lubricating The Vehicle And Taking Care Of The Rubber/Plastic Components

The parts of your bike made of rubber can be affected by UV rays, water, heat, and humidity over time. As the climate changes, it is important to focus on the health of your vehicle and remediate the issues. On getting affected, rubber can tighten and get brittle if rendered helpless.

Moreover, the same conditions adversely affect portions of your bike made out of black and uncoated plastic. Affected plastic components are likely to turn grey, making them brittle and likely to crack easily.

In such cases, it is advisable to spray WD-40’s “Specialist Motorbike Total Shine” or “Specialist Motorbike Silicone Shine” on the sections prone to damage. You can spray the liquid directly on the components or spray it on a clean cloth and wipe the concerned part with the same.

However, it is important for the bike owners to not spray WD-40 directly into the tread surfaces of the tires.

Lubricating The Squeaky Portions Of Your Bike

Squeaky sections of a bike often irritate the rider and affect the seamless experience of riding the vehicle. The rear shock-absorber mounts are likely to get squeaky over time as they get dry and overused.

As a solution, you can spray WD-40 on the squeaky portions of your vehicle to lubricate them and restore their smooth and noiseless functionality. It helps you clean the rear shock-absorber mounts off the water and fine dirt with a quick and simple spray.

Lubricating Keyholes

The biggest nightmare of a rider is the key not turning in the keyhole! Just like any other exposed parts of your bike, the keyholes are not free from being contaminated by dust and moisture. The majority of the damage to bikes is caused by unseen humidity and moisture seeping into the different sections and affecting the performance of the vehicle.

The lock mechanisms of a bike, including its keyhole, tend to get rusty and sticky over time, making it difficult for the rider to start/stop the vehicle. WD-40 can be effectively used as a lubricant to loosen the rigid keyhole of your bike and make ignition easier.

Displacing Water

WD in WD-40 stands for “water displacement”. Staying true to its name, WD-40 helps bike owners in getting rid of water from within the vehicle, preventing the damage caused by unwanted moisture and humidity. Especially if you ride your bike in heavy rains, water is likely to build upon battery terminals, switches, and other crucial components.

A quick spray of WD-40 helps you displace all water off your vehicle and keep it secure.

Getting Rid Of Sticker Residues

If you have a knack for enhancing the visual appeal of your bike by adding fancy stickers, getting rid of sticker residues after taking them off is often irritating and challenging.

With WD-40, you can remove such residue by making a single spray and wiping the surface clean within a few seconds.

Cleaning The Chains

Once you clean the chains of your bike with kerosene or similar liquid, it is advisable to spray WD-40 on the chains. This will make WD-40 displace the kerosene along with its unwanted residue, providing you with a bike that looks as good as new.

All you need to do is spray the liquid, wait for a few minutes until it penetrates into the chains, scrub it using a brush (if required), and wash it off using a hose. This would help you clean the chains of your bike off kerosene residue, grease, grime, and dirt in no time!

The Final Word

These were some of the most important and common ways in which you can nurture your bike and increase the longevity of its use with the help of WD-40.