Bikes are an important part of our lives, as they are a cool and cost economical way to commute to nearby places. They are also more beneficial as compared to motorcycles in terms of cost-saving as well as because they are good for health. Especially for those who have a busy schedule and do not get time for sports or for working out, it is good to have cycling as a part of their daily routines.

Like all other mechanical devices and equipment, mountain bikes also require maintenance and mandatory repairs on and off. They have many small and large mechanical parts essential for them to operate, such as gears, gear sprockets, chain, and wheel axles. These parts have to be cleaned to make them free from dirt and then greased to ensure better performance. And this has to be done on a regular basis to make sure the mountain bike doesn’t break down. Chain repair is one of these maintenance chores.

Chain is the most important part as it drives the entire bike and pulls its weight. This is why it needs to be kept cleaned and lubricated so that it shifts the gears smoothly and does not waste too much of your energy when you ride the bike. Therefore, chain repair is necessary and you should know how to do it yourself. This will reduce your need to keep visiting the technician and also save you money that you would otherwise have to spend with the technicians.

Use WD-40 after Chain Repair to Clean

Sometimes the pedals of the bicycle feel too hard to ride. And the reason mostly is poor lubrication or too much dirt has been accumulated on the sprockets of the gears. This makes it difficult for the chain to run through them. If the situation gets worse when the dirt gets into the bearing, making it more difficult for the gears to move you might think you need a chain repair when all that your bicycle needs is a thorough cleaning and lubricating of the gear sprockets.

To do this, wear gloves and carefully take the chain off from the gear sprockets. After that get a can of WD-40 spray and then spray it in good amounts all over the gear sprockets. You will see the excess grease and dirt wash off from the area in the form of a grey black liquid. Take a toothbrush to scrub the area along with spraying it to get it off better.

After you are done with the gears, do the same for the chain. The chain is all made up of hinges and needs to be free of dirt to move freely.

Lubricate the Gears and the Chain

After you are done cleaning, you will only see shiny metal, as all the dirt build-up is not washed off. Take a lubricant can and start applying it to the chain, and then to the gear sprockets while slowly moving it. This will ensure the lubricant enters all the moving parts and lubricates them.