Who doesn’t love biking? We all do. However, what we forget is do we love our bicycles the same amount too? Like all other machinery and equipment, our bikes and specifically the bike chain parts need regular maintenance for them to keep performing effectively and efficiently.

If we do not take care of the maintenance of these bikes and specifically the bike chain parts, they might break down any time leaving us in big trouble and hassle. It would also cost us too much to get those parts replaced. It will be even more costly to buy a completely new bicycle altogether.

Bike chain parts are some of the most important components in the functioning of a bicycle. While the bikes may be able to perform without various other parts, it is impossible to run a bike without a chain or an ill-maintained chain.

This makes it important for us to keep maintaining the chain on a regular basis. This maintenance also includes cleaning the gunk from it and then re-lubricating it. Why is this important? This is because the gunk on the chain can make several things go wrong to the bike and to us. Let us see what those things are.

It Can Break the Bike Chain Parts

As we all know, bike chains are made of several small parts. When gunk starts to build-up and accumulates on the chain, it can cause these moving parts to start jamming. This makes it difficult to move. When force is applied to jammed parts, they can easily bend and then break making the chain useless.

It Jams the Sprockets

When the bike chain parts have caught gunk, it also starts to accumulate on the sprockets too. This accumulation would hinder their movement and might even jam the sprockets if not properly taken care of in time.

It Can Break the Sprockets

For the same reason as stated above that jams the sprockets. It can also prove further harmful to the sprockets. When you apply force to a jammed sprocket, it might as well break them.

It Can Get Stuck

When too much gunk is built upon the bike chain parts, it makes it difficult to move. This can make the bike chain parts get stuck and hence making it difficult to move.

It Can Stain Your Clothes

When there is too much gunk on the chain there is a high chance of your trousers getting stained by the gunk. It is normal for your pants or trousers to be touching the chain. However, the gunk when mixed with the lubricant can turn into a stain that would be difficult to get off easily.

How to Remove The Gunk?

5 Things That Can Go Wrong With Bike Chain Parts Filled With Gunk

As it might sound in the beginning, taking the gunk off from the bike chain parts is not as difficult as you would think. All you need is a can of WD-40 Multi-Use -Product. It has a dual function of first degreasing the chain and then providing it with the necessary lubrication.

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