If you have a mountain bike standing in your garage, there is no need to buy a hybrid bike then. Wondering why? Because you can easily convert your mountain bike into a hybrid bike. All it needs is some easy modifications and the job is done. You can save yourself a lot of money.

Here is how you can do it.

 Replace Your Tires

First things first, you need to get rid of the heavy off-road tires. While these tires are essential to ride in the dirt, they add to the weight on the road and will slow you down. You can choose the narrow slick or semi-slick tires that you can fit on your rim. You will notice the difference in the weight of your bike and will also increase the speed and feel of your bicycle. 

You will most likely also have to replace the tubes when you are replacing the tires. Take this opportunity to add puncture resistant tubes to the tires and pump them hard. This should reduce the rolling resistance of your bike.


While mountain bikes are made to be used in dirt and mud, not many of them come with fenders. This is because mud and dirt tend to lodge between your tire and fender. The wheels will stop turning before you even realise. There is absolutely no need to put yourself in this situation. Front and back fenders will protect your bike from water and grime on the road and will keep you neat and tidy. This is very important, especially if you are going to use your bike to commute to work.

 Reflective Stickers and Tapes

If you are going to ride your hybrid bike at night, consider adding reflective stickers and tape.  This is a great way to improve your visibility at night for a minimal cost. You can easily purchase this tape at your local hardware store. Attach them to the areas of the bike where they can shine brightly at night but not so bright during the day. The tape can be placed on the cranks to make sure they reflect light during the night. You want to be able to see properly at night time, so make sure that they placed well. 

 With these simple and effective tips, you can easily convert your mountain bike into a hybrid bike. Make sure you buy good tires as they are the main difference between a mountain bike and a hybrid one. Enjoy your hybrid bike.